Gemini, Taurus, Virgo: Zodiac signs ranked from the BEST to the WORST friend

Zodiac signs are an easy way to know people and what they usually behave like. This also determines the kind of friends they will be. Here are the zodiac signs ranked from being the BEST to the WORST friends.
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Zodiac signs are a good way to determine people’s personalities. Their signs tell a lot about themselves than you can possibly know. Compatibility, trust and loyalty are some of the traits you can determine by knowing their Zodiac signs. Just like that, friendship and their devotion to it can also be known.


Friendship is something that gives you emotional and mental stability. You always know that there is somebody who has your back. But it becomes difficult to stay friends with people who are always self-centred and consumed by their own problems. So, here are all the Zodiac signs ranked from the best to the worst friend possible.



Libras are the best people to be friends with because they are the most genuine and fun loving people. Libras will never deliberately hurt you and will always have your back. They will always say a ‘yes’ to people who ask them almost anything. Isn’t that a trait every friend should have?



Scorpios are the most interesting people. They value trust and loyalty hence are one of the best people you can have in your life. Scorpios have a great understanding of people and they can pick up vibes easily. So if you are someone who hides everything, Scorpios have a way of understanding everything!



They are the most emotional of all Zodiac signs. This helps them in making deep connections with people. As a friend, they will go beyond lengths to make you happy (consider obsessive behaviour as well).



Their twin personalities are very sociable and outgoing. If you want all the gossip and conversations to last for hours, Geminis are the people you turn to. You can feel their twin personalities shine from time to time, but, out of all the signs, they will give you the best advice.


5: LEO:

Leos are the calmest and down to earth signs of all. This is the main reason why everyone is so attracted to them. Leos have a genuine heart so they care about people deeply. So whenever they spot you in a toxic situation, Leos will dive in and pull you out of it.



Sagittarius is very charming and outgoing. This is why they tend to have a lot of friends. But they are only genuine to a few close ones. They would literally take a bullet for their friends. But, if they find out that somebody is being toxic for them, they will push them away.



They are the weirdest bunch of people so it is very easy and fun to be around them. However, they do not really care about what people think and often wander off on their own.



Cancerians spend a lot of time alone, so they take a while to trust people and get close to them. They have been hurt a lot which makes them look cold sometimes. Due to this, they also tend to be a little socially awkward and lack confidence.



Aries look for people they can trust blindly. While this may take some time, they do not settle for less. They may seem like cold-hearted, but when you get to know them, they are the most beautiful people on the planet.



Taureans are the least dramatic of all signs. They can gel with anyone and hence create long term bonds. However, they can be a bit stubborn, so if you are someone with crazy ideas, it will become difficult for them to say yes to something they don't want to do.



They are the funniest of all the signs. You will always have a good time if you are around a Capricorn. However, they can be a little manipulative and can make you do things with even you noticing it.


12: VIRGO:

Virgos can be tough to be friends with because of their unforgiving nature and short temper. They are not bad or anything,  it’s just that they like to keep people at an arm's length. Close, but not too much! This can also be a precaution to not get hurt.


Well, while friends are made out of sheer love and loyalty, people’s personalities have a habit of ruining everything. Which sign are you best friends with? Let us know in the comments section below.


I am bestfriends with two virgos and a scorpio and some of my guy friends are aries,Aquarius,cancer they are the best people i know :) (i am a scorpio)

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