Gemini, Virgo, Aquarius, Taurus: How you text your crush based on your Zodiac Sign

Are you an instant texter or do you take hours to text back? Do you send embarrassing messages or have good saves? Check out what kind of tester you are, based on your Zodiac sign.
Gemini, Virgo, Aquarius, Taurus: How you text your crush based on your Zodiac SignGemini, Virgo, Aquarius, Taurus: How you text your crush based on your Zodiac Sign
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When it comes to liking someone or having a crush, we all tend to act a little differently, in a way that we think they would like and appreciate. But this doesn't just go with acting a certain way in person. This also applies to digital communication aka texts, calls, etc. We tend to behave in a different way, say different things when it comes to people we like. Here is how you text your crush, based on your Zodiac sign. 


Even with texts, you are awkward as ever when it comes to your crush or somebody you like. You don't want to regret anything you say by text so instead, you chose to reply through gifs, emojis and selfies. 


The idea of waiting a couple of minutes (or even hours) to reply to texts, doesn't apply to you. You reply to them almost instantly and are that person who double, or even triple texts their crush. 


You are pretty confident when it comes to texts so you usually type out the first thing that pops in your head and send it without over thinking. This does make you prone to making lots of spelling errors though!


You overthink literally everything. When it comes to texting, you think five times after typing out the message and hitting send. Once you hit send, you are extremely embarrassed about what you have said and wish you could unsound or delete the messages (which you do many times). 


You don't want to come off as silly or embarrassing so you usually screenshot the conversation and send it to your group of friends. They are the ones who come up with a response for you, which you eventually use. 


You aren't one to over express and are relatively calm. You do what you do best in real life even through text - you ask your crush to vent to you, listen patiently and barely talk about your own life. 


You have a huge ego which makes you refrain from looking too eager. You purposely wait for a while before reading texts and replying to them, so you don't look too eager. 


You take your time to come up with the most perfect, sassiest, wittiest response ever. Then you type it out, re-read it a couple of times and then delete the entire thing. You then send a generic "haha" or "lol" or make do with emojis. 


When your crush texts you, you over think everything they have said. You end up stressing yourself out with this and this stress causes you to delay your laid back response by not just hours, but days, sometimes. 


When your crush texts you, you just get too nervous and end up not texting them back at all!


You aren't much of a texter in the first place because you are too nervous and think you might regret anything you say. This is why you text your crush on ly when you are drunk and regret what you have said, anyway!


You are an avid texter and it is surprisingly refreshing that you text your crush in the exact same way that you text anybody else - without making them wait too long, casually and with a lot of chill! 

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