A guide for men: What women say and what they really mean

Women are complex but not as much as men make them sound. If you really want to understand what women feel, read this.
Love & Relationships,love,relationships,womenA guide for men: What women say and what they really mean
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It’s fair to say that women are multifarious and multifaceted. The complexity of their thought process most often bowls men and perhaps, is above their comprehensive strength.

Most women are conditioned to feel, think and serve in ways parallel to men. Often when they are asked about something personal, they tend to answer holistically. And, when asked about the bigger picture, their responses are somewhat pinpointing towards little things. Therefore, what women say and what they really mean can be at poles with each other as they believe in the power of understanding more than conveying it directly.

This becomes a trouble more often than a blessing. Men believe what goes on in the mind of a woman will always be a mystery. In reality, however, it is no rocket science. If you’re stuck with that problem in a relationship, here’s a guide to really understand what women really feel.

I’m fine

This statement is a hint that they are obviously mad at you or struggling with something that they probably don’t want to say directly to you.

Say that again

Yes, they heard it when you said it the first time. No, they don’t want you to repeat it. They are giving you a chance to change what you said.


Whatever it is, it matters. In fact, it is affecting every facet of the conversation between you two. And you should fix it as soon as possible.


Do not ignore this word. Nothing means something is wrong. And you must talk to her to find out what’s troubling her.

I’m on my way

Still in my pyjamas. Wondering whether to take a shower or quickly change into fresh clothes. Oh, I need to book a cab too.

Well, now that you have these cues, you should be ready to understand the real meaning hidden behind her words. After all, you know when you know someone truly. Doesn't this make your life easier? Thank us later!

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