Had a breakup? Here are 9 things that you should never do after a heartbreak

Heartbreaks are tough but things get much worse when we do certain things and it is essential to avoid doing these things that are another form of self-sabotage post a heartbreak.
Had a breakup? Here are 9 things that you should never do after a heartbreak Had a breakup? Here are 9 things that you should never do after a heartbreak
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Break up are hard. They can easily take a toll on you and your mental health. They are tough and parting ways with someone you've been with for a while and someone you love can take a toll on you. It is hard on people and everyone deals with it differently. They can drain you emotionally and sometimes physically as well. A breakup can leave you with numerous questions and doubts and while many scream and cry the other wallow in self-pity and then there are those who drown their sorrows in other things. While it's a good thing to do what is necessary for you to move on, there are certain things that can make things much worse. They can be tiring and can damage your mental health and your self-respect and reputation.

How you handle a breakup makes a lot of difference. You do not want extra baggage from your past to drag along for the rest of your life and so it is necessary to handle things right and prevent any bitterness that can impact your future.

Here are some things that you should absolutely avoid after a breakup:

1. Don't look out for revenge. It will not burn your ex alone, revenge is a negative feeling that will burn you along with your ex and it will drain you. If you think you'll feel any better, you're wrong. Revenge does not make it better but it will make you want more. Moreover, you don't need any legal problems to deal with.

2. Don't beg your ex to take you back. It's hard enough to be dumped and left heartbroken but being clingy and begging isn't going to do you any good. Because being rejected again is just going to hurt more and even if they take you back, you'll never really be happy or secure in such a relationship ever again.

3. DO NOT jump into bed with your ex. That's just a bad idea. If you sleep with your ex in hopes that it will rekindle the romance and make him or her come back, that's not going to happen and you'll be left feeling shameful and heartbroken once again.

4. Don't create online drama. The world doesn't need to know that you broke up so, don't post sad break up quotes on your profile or angry ones for that matter and don't post any angry posts on your ex's profile. Don't stalk them either. Cut them out of your life and work on positive ways to move on instead of trying to make a big deal out of it.

5. Don't hound your ex with calls or texts or drunk texts. Don't contact your ex in any way and maintain your distance. That will help you move on.

6. Don't be impulsive. Don't jump into the bed with the next person you find and don't date or get into a rebound relationship because that'll only hurt you further. Don't marry either. It's a decision of a lifetime and you don't want to take this decision in such an impulsive manner.

7. Don't drown your sorrows in junk food or alcohol. Don't try to avoid or run away from the pain. No matter how far you run, it will eventually catch up with you and there's nothing you can do to avoid it.

8. Don't isolate yourself. Meet new people and spend time with your friends. Talk things out but don't trash talk. Don't crib and complain too much about your ex in front of anyone other than your best friend!

9. Don't listen to sad songs or watch sad rom-com's. It'll only make you feel worse and probably make it much difficult to forget that person because every song will make you think of him or her. 

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