Had a lovers squabble? THESE are some unhealthy things that you should never do during a fight

Fighting with your partner is normal, but what happens when you cross the line and your fight turn unhealthy and toxic. We often tend to let our anger get the better of us, but it may turn out to be toxic for our relationship.
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When you're in a relationship with someone, you share a very loving and close space with them. Something as loving and close comes with some flaws. All couples fight and if you want a dreamy relationship with no fights at all then you may be imagining a tad bit too much. Not fighting with your partner at all may be a huge sign of an unhealthy relationship. We only fight with the people we connect with and who we care about and truly love. We do not fight with someone we don't have a connection with. If you and your partner fight a little every now and then, it's a sign of a good and healthy relationship and it means that you have love and connection in your relationship. But at the same time, your fights should never get out of hand and turn healthy. It doesn't take too long for fights to poison a relationship and this is why we need to avoid these unhealthy habits when we fight.

1. Don't play with your partner's insecurities and vulnerabilities. That is just crossing another line. Your partner trusts you enough to open up to you about their insecurities. So, don't hit them below the belt when they are vulnerable. They trust you and it is your responsibility to maintain that trust.

2. Don't shut your partner out. It's normal to feel the need to simply walk away from a fight or an argument but avoid doing that. Shutting your partner out will not lead to a positive solution. Moreover, unresolved conflicts may lead to more problems and frustration.

3. We've all had those moments when we've decided to end our relationship or said that things aren't working out but it isn't a good idea to take a major decision while fighting or in anger. Try to avoid deciding anything in the middle of a fight.

4. It's not uncommon for people to go into a defensive mode while fighting and that's alright as long as you don't bring up past issues and mistakes in order to defend yourself. Don't bring up things that have been resolved already because they may open up some healed wounds.

5. Don't lash out. People tend to try to have the last words in a fight and often lash out and say mean and harsh things to each other in order to cause emotional pain or agony. Try to avoid doing that.

6. Don't threaten your partner with anything harsh and don't get physical. Nothing good will come out of causing emotional or physical agony to each other. And if you threaten your partner with a breakup or suicide or something extreme it may end up having a major negative impact on your relationship.

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