Valentine’s Day 2019 Gift Ideas For Your Lover Girl

Valentine Day 2019 Gift Ideas: The ultimate day of love is right around the corner. And if you haven't picked up anything for your lady love yet, here are a few gifts ideas that can inspire you!
Valentine Day 2019 Gift IdeasHappy Valentines Day 2019: 7 Gift ideas for your lover girl
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Whether you're looking for a petite gift that's packed with love and feelings or something as fun and playful as your lover girl, or a dramatic present for the number one woman in your life, we've found the best and chic Valentine's Day gifts that are sure to excite her and fill the air with lots and lots of love.


Handwritten bracelets

You must have exchanged a gazillion “I love yous”, but what if you could put that on a chic and sleek bracelet for her? That too in you own handwriting! Now what’s more romantic than that guys? You can get it done in 18K gold, rose gold or sterling silver.

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Zodiac necklace

A chain with a charm pendant engraved with her zodiac star will melt your girl’s heart instantly. That will turn out to be something she can wear everyday and show off that she is an ambitious Capricorn or sensitive Cancer.



Monogram Cosmetic bags

A girl can never ever have enough cosmetic bags! Pick up something with a very appealing print or pattern, featuring her initial will be more than enough for the next romantic getaway.




Hot pink monogram on this stormy gray pochette . This is the final product from my last post. Are you still dizzy from that video?? Hot pink is NOT an option in my Etsy shop, but send me a note with a special request for colors. I just might have it already. Other women buy shoes. I buy paint #allthecolors Did you see the interior of this pochette? It’s got two pockets and credit card slots. Check back a couple posts . . . . . #monogrameverything #monogrammonday #monogrampochette #monogrampouch #leatherpainting #handpaintedbags #giftidea #bridesmaidgift #weddinggiftidea #birthdaygiftidea #helloimhandmade #paintedpouch #monogrammed #moderncalligraphy #miamicalligrapher

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Pyjama sets

Pyjamas don't have to be a cheesy gift. Get her a fine silk PJ set and let her take her sleepwear fashion to a more luxurious level boys!

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Girls love perfumes. In fact some of them are obsessed with scents! But first you need to figure out the kind of scent she is into floral, fruity, sophisticated, etc.



First edition of her favourite book

If your girl has a favourite book that she’s read over and over for a hundred times, you can track down an old edition of it, gift wrap it and give it to her with a single flower and a Valentine’s Day card. You are set!

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Adopt a pet

This is for the serious and mature couples out there. There are very few things that can be compared to a puppy, kitten or little bunny rabbit when it comes to cuteness. This is definitely something you should go for if you really want to melt your woman’s heart.


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