Having troubles in your relationship? THIS is what you need to know about couples therapy

Seeing a marriage counsellor may seem like the best way to get out of your relationship problems but it's not always the right decision; Read on
Having troubles in your relationship? THIS is what you need to know about couples therapy
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Humans are social animals. We cannot exist without social circles or connections. We need to feel connected with other beings and socialise in order to exist. This is why we have social circles and relationships. We all need a companion who we can form a physical and emotional connection with. It's essential to form a connection with someone special and feel the true connection. But relationships come with pros and cons as opposed to what we see in films and on television. Relationships are very different from what we see on the screen and read in books. Real relationships are very different from reel relationships. A real relationship doesn't develop overnight and every relationship doesn't last forever. These bonds are not dreamy and filmy in real life. They have ups and downs and lows and highs and stages that make things very difficult but what's important is that you go through with it and work through problems.

In today's time, people don't want to work through relationships. They end too easily because working through issues has become much difficult. With the growing world, people have too many distractions. Further, with growing technology people have too much to do and the emotional connections have grown shallow and difficult. People walk away from relationships too easily but then there are those who try to work through things by going to couples therapy. But the real question is, do we really need couples therapy? Sometimes couples tend to rush things and head to a couples therapy session too soon. Sometimes they just need work through things on their own instead of rushing to a marriage counsellor.

It is essential to understand if it's the right time to see a marriage counsellor. At times, relationships troubles need couples to find the time and get involved with each other instead of seeking out a counsellor. A counsellor can make or break your relationship. Going to a marriage counsellor too early can make things difficult and sometimes even hostile. If you're unable to communicate and find it difficult to work through problems, the first thing you need to do is try to understand the root of the problem and work through it together. Doing so makes a couple strong and helps their bond. Sometimes adding a third person to the mix can take things for a toss.

A counsellor is like a third person in your relationship who may try to help you work through things but it's human nature to be slightly biased and if your marriage counsellor leans a little towards one person and diagnoses the other person it may turn your relationship sour and take a turn for the worse. Before you see a counsellor, understand if you really need one. Before you book your therapists appointment, try to work through your issues and problems and understand each other and your shortcomings. Gaining a clearer unbiased perspective on things may help you more than plunging into a couples therapy session. But, at the same time if your relationship is getting out of your hands seeing a therapist may be more helpful than going back and forth with your partner. The important thing here is to understand that there is a right time for everything. Just like everything else you need to be sure before you plunge headfirst into couples therapy.

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