Hello Therapist: I always feel the urge to keep a check on my girlfriend’s phone; What should I do?

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Hello Therapist: I always feel the urge to keep a check on my girlfriend’s phone; What should I do?
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Hello Therapist,

I am a 25-year-old guy, dating a 23-year-old girl. We are happy but I always keep on monitoring her moves. I always feel the urge to check her phone and get jealous when she talks and spends time with her friend. I always feel she is two-timing me. What should I do?

Hello Pinkvilla Reader, 

We all feel insecure sometimes. It's okay to feel such way once in a while but if there is a constant feeling of insecurity in your mind it will hamper your relationships, your sense of self-worth, your professional growth and ultimately your mental health.  

Firstly, it's important to acknowledge that chronic insecurity is extremely unhealthy and mostly it is a result of self-doubt and feeling of inadequacy. Since you mentioned that you both are happy together there is no reason for you to feel this way. Communicate your genuine feelings to your partner instead of brooding over them. Snooping and accusing your partner will push her away, stop demanding for reassurance all the time it is not attractive. You must rather focus on self-development work on your confidence and self-esteem. Remember your relationships are just a part of your life and other aspects of your life are equally important like your career goals health goals friends and family life. When you focus on all the aspects of your life and try to make them better your sense of self-worth will improve and your partner will also be more attracted towards you

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