Hello Therapist: I am a 35 year old divorcee who is considering remarriage but am confused; What should I do?

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Hello Therapist: I am a 35 year old divorcee who is considering remarriage but am confused; What should I do?

Hello Therapist,

I am a 35-year-old divorcee with no kids and working in a private firm. I am in a confusion about remarriage as I can analyse both pros n cons of remarriage and being independent... Help me to set my mind.

Hello Pinkvilla Reader,

Our country still has many traditional values but one of the pitfalls is a bias regarding divorce and remarriage. The institution of marriage is based on monogamy and these societal values have not changed much despite us going through new phases of social development. Maybe what is bothering you is whether a second attempt at marriage will work or not. 

You are still quite young and can easily start a family.

A scientific study has found that happiness levels are higher in remarried people as compared to divorced single people and health indices are better in people with spouses. Marriage is a gamble whether first or second but you are a bit more careful and willing to adjust in the latter. I feel that the conflict should not be whether to take the plunge again or not .. it should be about finding the right partner this time. If your partner is right for you everything else falls in place. Many men are broad-minded and accept independent thinking wives with equal zeal. You can be an independent person with a compassionate partner. Don’t have strong views about getting to this side or that side of the equation... give life a chance. Explore your options and try to look for a commitment that can make your life easier.

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Anonymous : 35 yr is a good age to be alone for a while and see it's like ... LOL!
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Anonymous : 35 is too young to sit nd brood . go find some one . i m sure you will be happy with him.
REPLY 3 5 months ago