Hello Therapist: I’m 15 & suffering from Hypothyroidism; I’m bullied for my weight & get compared to elephants

Dr. Aparna Govil Bhasker, Bariatric & Laparoscopic Surgeon, Saifee and Apollo Spectra Hospital, Mumbai is here to answer your anonymous doubts.
Hello Therapist: I’m 15 & suffering from Hypothyroidism; I’m bullied for my weight & get compared to elephants
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Hello Therapist, 

I am a 15-year-old girl studying in class 10. I get constantly bullied by my classmates and my family because of my weight. My sudden weight gain is actually because of Hypothyroidism. I repeatedly get compared to bears and elephants and it is hurtful. I cannot go around telling people that I have this hormonal issue. I am on the verge of breaking down.

Hello Pinkvilla Reader,

Weight-related bullying by family and friends can be very distressing. Unfortunately, this is very common in our society and stems from the thought that somehow a person is responsible for her/his weight gain. Most people fail to understand that weight gain is a result of complex health issues which are largely due to genetic and hormonal issues and not just a derivative of will-power. Having said that, it is difficult for us to change the world around us. However, we can definitely work on our personal relationship with our body image which consists of our perceptions, beliefs, thoughts, feelings and actions that are related to the appearance of our body. 

As a start, try to develop a neutral relationship with your body and wake up to the idea that your body is worthy of respect for all that it does for you. It does not matter if others are not kind to us. What is most important is that we are kind to ourselves. Our body is amazing and once we start appreciating all that we take for granted about it, slowly all the outside remarks will cease to affect us. It is important to seek treatment for issues like hypothyroidism and other health issues but at the same time, it is important to accept and appreciate ourselves and not rely on what society thinks of us. Be kind to yourself for you are not just your body or its image, you are much more. You are a beautiful and unique person. Celebrate being yourself.

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Anonymous 2 months ago

take medicine for hypothyroidism as prescribed by endocrinologist. With correct dosage, once the levels come to normal range, exercise and diet will work in losing weight( if you want to that is). adequate dosage will also help in better functioning of body and mind. But please note that your weight does not define you and that cannot be reason for people to determine your equations with you. Be kind to yourself and work with your doctor to be your healthiest self.