Hello Therapist: I’m 30 and my family is forcing me to have kids but I’m not ready; Please suggest

In today’s anonymous blog, we have a 30-year-old woman seeking for help. Find out more
Hello Therapist: I’m 30 and my family is forcing me to have kids but I’m not ready; Please suggest
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Hello Therapist, 

I'm a 30 years old woman and married. My family is forcing me to have kids. I am not prepared for kids right now. My sister told me that I should plan now as a woman shouldn't delay such things. Please suggest.

Hello Pinkvilla Reader, 

Planning to have children is a decision that both partners should participate in unanimously. There is no doubt that the age of first-time mothers has been increasing. Having a child is a big responsibility and it requires emotional preparedness, time off from career, monetary considerations and family support for care. The biological clock of females does require some consideration as well as the chance of having a baby with chromosomal anomalies and autism spectrum disorders increases with age. The risk increases further by age 40. Still, even at a younger age, there is a risk of anomalies which are screened for during pregnancy. Modern-day techniques do allow for early diagnosis. 

More then anything mental preparedness is of vital importance and goes a long way in making things better manageable. So first evaluate how prepared you and your husband are. Once you come to a decision and be affirmative about it it will be easier to convince your family. 

You could consider Cryopreservation of ovarian eggs if you are up for it. You do have some time in your hands.

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Anonymous 2 months ago

they're forcing you how? and it's a biological fact anyway. best to have babies by 35-36

Anonymous 2 months ago

30 is very young

Anonymous 2 months ago

Unfortunately your family is correct .having children sooner is better than later .you can carry on with your life while you can leave your child with well trained nannies without guilt .

Anonymous 2 months ago

Your family is forcing you? You dont mention your husband/ partner ... he is the only one who can talk to you about it coz its his life also ... but even he cant force you to have kids... tell your fictional sister to mind her own business