Hello Therapist: I’m 40 and my ex girlfriends are now married; I feel I’m losing out on something in life

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Hello Therapist: I’m 40 and my ex girlfriends are now married; I feel I’m losing out on something in life
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Hello Therapist, 

I am 40 years old and unmarried. I have dated 3 girls in the past but never thought of marrying. Two of them wanted to marry but I was not very open. Later, those girls moved on and now I feel I am missing something in life. What should I do? I am not dating anyone and don't like to arrange set up. Please suggest

Hello Pinkvilla Reader, 

I want you to first ask this question to yourself that if you really want to marry and are you ready for commitment or is it because you have turned 40 and you are worried that you might miss out on something if it's too late.

In both the scenarios you must be aware that marriage is not like starting a new business where you are ready to take the leap of faith and prepared to bear the losses. 

In marriage, two people are involved emotionally and it is a serious commitment, so take some time and try to analyse your feelings. 

Since you mentioned that earlier you were not ready for marriage despite being in a relationship where the other person was keen on settling down. 

Now, what is it that has changed for you and what makes you feel differently? When you figure that out and you are sure that you want to go ahead then you must start with dating a potential partner when you develop a certain understanding in this relationship you can think of getting married if you two are on the same page, it must happen organically and not because you think that you are running out of time.

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Anonymous 2 months ago

Best of luck for future life partner

Anonymous 2 months ago

You are absoluty correct in worrying about your future . I support early marriages . Its better to grow together . Let your ex go , Don't be fussy and have too many expectations and you are surely to find some one nice and new .