Hello Therapist: I’m 68 and constant dreams about my past life keep me up at night; I’m tired, what to do?

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Hello Therapist: I’m 68 and constant dreams about my past life keep me up at night; I’m tired, what to do?
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Hello Therapist, 

I'm 68-year-old, I get a lot of dreams regarding my past like be it my native place, my work, my office things. There is not a single night where I don't get up coz of such dreams and at times nightmares. Please help

Hello Pinkvilla Reader,

Getting up from dreams is quite normal and natural. Mostly if it is a bad dream we remember the incident and it affects our emotion. Having nightmares can be scary for any age group and repeated nightmares need further evaluation. 

General health is utmost important for a good night’s sleep. Any endocrinal/hormonal, or existing co-morbidity can affect sleep patterns. You could consult a physician to make sure your general health is fine and specifically rule out OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnoea).

Sleep requirement goes down as you age so sleep hygiene becomes important. If all else is fine try to limit time in bed to 5 to 6 hours only. Don’t use the bed at all in the daytime. Try some relaxing music or deep breathing before sleeping and make sure your sleeping environment is right.

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