Hello Therapist: I’m having an affair and feel guilty; Don’t know whether I should say this to my husband

Today we have with us, Dr Rahul Khemani, Consultant Psychiatrist, Wockhardt Hospital, Mira Road solving your anonymous doubts.
Hello Therapist: I’m having an affair and feel guilty; Don’t know whether I should say this to my husband
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Hello Therapist,

I am 28 years old and married for the last 5 years. I recently got into a relationship with a man who stays in the same building. Now, I feel guilty. Don’t know whether I should say this to my husband.

Hello Pinkvilla Reader,

I would suggest that think of what it would mean to tell your husband about this. How would he react? I would suggest making a pro and cons list on a notepad. What advice would you give to your best friend if she was in the same situation?

And while this is one part of the story, another part is about your motivations behind your actions. What made you engage in this affair? What were you seeking in this affair that you were not getting in your marriage? Let’s also look at the guilt part. What is your guilt telling you? Is it telling you that you are a bad wife? Or that you betrayed someone who is important to you? Is it making you anxious about the future of your marriage? How is that guilt helping you take responsibility for your actions?

Whatever your decision, you have to consult a marital therapist to help your situation here onwards.

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Anonymous 3 months ago

I suggest you end this affair and start a new one. Keep it fresh!

Anonymous 3 months ago

Please go to a marriage counselor or therapist to help you get out of this affair and help you better communicate with your husband about what you need from him and what your expectations are out of him in every aspect. It's unfortunate that this even happened but at least your guilty conscience isn't completely dead and the fact that you want to rectify your past mistakes is the first step!

Anonymous 3 months ago

I feel sorry for your husband, this communication will really break him from inside,if he has been what you wanted from a husband this should have really not happened . Sad for you too you have really lost the marriage plot.

Anonymous 3 months ago

I suggest you dont tell him anything . You will grow out of this " affair " . dont drag your spouse in this .try to distract yourself with other hobbies, studies etc.,