Hello Therapist: My husband keeps quitting jobs and when I ask why he gets angry; I don’t know what he’s up to

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Hello Therapist: My husband keeps quitting jobs and when I ask why he gets angry; I don’t know what he’s up to
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Hello Therapist,

I'm 39 years old and have one kid. Married for the last 9 years. My problem is my husband is not working right now. He keeps on quitting jobs as and when he wants. I don't have the comfort to ask him about his professional life. He gets extremely angry.

Hello Pinkvilla Reader, 

This is a frustrating situation and I can see your helplessness. But without any more information, I would ask you to look at what you can control in this stressful situation. You can control your emotions and reaction towards your husband's attitude towards work. You can control how you deal with this stress. You can control how you manage the limited resources and prepare for a rainy day. 

Regarding your husband's employment issues, there might be something going on than what we see at the surface. His anger might be a reflection of something more than he is letting on. If you are not comfortable initiating that conversation, involve his family and friends. Let them talk to him, and if need be seek some help to sort this issue out.

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Anonymous 1 month ago

He might have experienced toxic work culture at the start of his career and did not get to heal to feel safe enough to put down roots at one place. The anger is often an expression of deep hurt. Until he explains and asks for help there is little one can do.