Hello Therapist: My wife flirts on dating apps in India as I'm in Europe; Can't ask for divorce; What to do?

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Hello Therapist: My wife flirts on dating apps in India as I'm in Europe; Can't ask for divorce; What to do?

Hello Therapist, 

I am in Europe and my wife is back in India. She flirts with other guys behind my back. She chats over the dating apps to other guys. I don't feel like accepting her in my life and don't want to reunite with her. But if I ask for divorce she will file false matrimonial cases.

What shall I do?


Hello Pinkvilla Reader, 

Your fear of what will happen holds you back. Your imagination has become your antagonist here. There is also a sense of ambiguity- you have made a decision but at the same time, you don't want to execute that decision. When we make a decision, we also must consider the consequences. And yes, it could be possible that she will file a false case. But do you have an alternative? And more importantly, do you want an alternative? If you have made up your mind about the divorce, then this is inevitable. If you are still hesitant, then we look at reconciliation. 

Perhaps you can initiate a conversation with her regarding this and then go forward from here. Perhaps you could also consult a lawyer and understand the legalities involved. 

Whatever you do, it is a choice.


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