Here are the top misconceptions about single people

There is a kind of stigma attached to those who are single, specially if they've been single for long which leads to certain misconceptions that make you want to roll your eyes. Here they are.
Here are the top misconceptions about single people
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It seems like single people, for various reasons, have been the butt of jokes for a while now. There have been a number of misconceptions about them, some bizarre, while some plain silly. Not only are these preconceived notions myths, they are also very annoying for those whom they're targeted to. Here is a list of all that people get wrong when they look at singles.
All singles want is a relationship
Alll single people do are look for ways to not stay single. They are desperate for a relationship and are constantly looking for ways to date someone. No one ever considers that people often 'choose' to remain single as well. That they'd rather wait for love to come along or simply not be with someone because they don't want to.
Singles are lonely
Another common myth often doing the rounds is that if you are single, you are probably lonely. There will be this mysterious vibe attached to you as to why you don't want to couple up. According to society, you are absolutely alone if you are not in a relationship. Like friends, family and other company doesn't count at all. 
Singles have some serious issues
If you are single, there is some problem with you which everyone will try to resolve. You're either homosexual (which is still regarded as a 'problem') or you're undergoing some trauma which has given you commitment issues. Either ways, if you're single, chances are that you are really messed up in your head.
Singles are self obsessed
It is another myth that single people do not get into relationships because they only care for themselves. Considering the fact that people assume that caring and love only comes for a significant other, it is often believed that single people are plainly self centred and cannot put anyone else before themselves.
Singles are ugly
"You're so pretty, how are you single?" "A handsome dude like you, you definitely have a girlfriend." It is almost like single people are the leftovers no one took. A lot of good looking people can be single because of this one thing known as choice. The ones not dating are definitely not the ones no one wants to date!
Singles are jealous of people in relationships
Sure, sometimes when they see a couple hugging or just being in love, they might feel a twang of longing. But that disappears when they are reminded of all the other amazing things in life. Moreover, they are often happier for couples than jealous. Also, they have the best relationship advices so you better keep them around.
Do you have any more misconceptions that you've faced about singles that we can add to this list?

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Am single and I love it, I have chosen it because I have had relationships and I think am happier without marriage or attachment, relationship is hard work and I have chosen to not work that hard.

I love that I don't have to worry about anyone's feelings or wonder if am being too smart or opinionated or just being me. I have had relationships but I have come to understand that men are very insecure, need constant reassurance, want to be worshiped, adored and their ego massaged every second it is very draining.

So I have opted out of the pairing game and I will encourage those who want to be with someone to go for it and be their champion.

The fourth point contradicts the second point

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