Here is how each zodiac sign handles relationship drama

Everyone has their own way of dealing with drama in their lives. But it also has something to do with your zodiac sign. Read on to know how each zodiac sign deals with drama in their relationship.
Here is how each zodiac sign handles relationship drama Here is how each zodiac sign handles relationship drama
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Relationships are beautiful that gives you immense happiness. But it is not always a fairytale, where you meet someone, fall in love and live happily ever after. It comes with its own challenges and conflicts. But how you overcome these challenges and resolve conflicts determines the future of your relationship. Everyone has their own way of resolving relationship conflicts, however, your zodiac sign might play some role here. 

Astrology can tell a lot about a person. It can even tell how people handle drama in their lives and relationships. From handling it calmly to getting into a heated argument, each sign has its own unique way of dealing with relationship drama. Knowing about your partner’s sign might help you understand why they behave a certain way. Of course, not everyone is the same, and there are a few exceptions, but having an idea about your partner’s personality can help you figure things out. 

On that note, let’s take a look at how each zodiac sign handles relationship drama. 


People born under this sign are aggressive and assertive, meaning they are always ready to head into battle. They like to confront problems and move on. However, things don’t always go as planned for them. Conversations might turn into heated discussion within a few minutes with an Aries. 


Taureans are practical enough to understand where they are going wrong in the relationship. However, they are also stubborn, so they might completely ignore the problem than resolve it. And if they get angry, they might take some time out to avoid lashing out. 


Geminis tend to take things lightly, thinking that they can resolve the issue later. But what they don’t realise is that their indecisiveness is the reason why things don’t work out for them in a relationship. 


When a Cancer runs into some relationship drama, they turn to their squad for some help. They seek advice from their closest friends before confronting their partner. They do so to let go of the negative feelings and think properly before talking to their partner. 


Leos know how to communicate and put forth their point that doesn’t make the other person uncomfortable. And that’s how they handle the drama in their relationship. They will make their partner feel safe enough to openly discuss their problems. Leos just know how to handle conflicts the right way, in relationships and otherwise. 


Virgos are pragmatic and very analytical. They are always willing to resolve conflicts in the relationship, but not without thorough preparation. So, if you plan on bringing up an issue, make sure you have all the receipts because a Virgo will come prepared.  


Libras are peacemakers by nature but they don’t ignore relationship problems. They don’t like fighting and think that it is better to address an issue before its too late. They like to have a balance in life, which is why they always try their best to resolve relationship issues. 


Scorpios are extremely private and secretive. And their approach to handling drama is pretty much the same. They try to find a solution to a problem on their own before they talk to their partner, which isn't always the best idea. Their inability to open up to others is one of the reasons why people misinterpret their behaviour. 


Sagis are optimistic individuals who like to have fun in life. Drama is not their cup of tea. So, the moment they sense any kind of negativity or tension in the relationship, they try to address the issue before it aggravates. 


A Capricorn is very patient and rational in their approach towards everything in life. Relationships are no exception. They take a sensible decision and prefer talking through the relationship problems rather than do nothing about it.  


Aquarius individuals don’t like getting into arguments. They always try to resolve the issues rather than avoiding them. So, if you are dating an Aquarius, expect them to come up with numerous ways to reinstate the love. 


Pisces are sensitive individuals who do not handle relationship drama very well. They let their emotions get the better of them when addressing an issue with their partner. 

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Anonymous 7 days ago

I'm a Leo and this is accurate!

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