Here’s what you can do when you don’t like your partner’s friends

It’s very common in everyone’s life that people dislike some people be it for any reason. And those people can be our partner’s friends as well. Read on to know what you should do in such cases.
Here’s what you can do when you don’t like your partner’s friendsHere’s what you can do when you don’t like your partner’s friends
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A relationship is never only between two persons. Each of them has to get involved with their partner’s friends and family for the sake of their relationship. But often one of them may encounter a situation where they don’t like their partner’s friends. And try so hard to gel with them, but that seems to be fake.

Are you also one of them who isn't fond of their partner’s friends? Well, it may happen to anyone. But why does this happen? And what should be done for this? So, we are here to help you with some suggestions if you also don’t like your partner’s friends.

6 Things to do when you don’t like your partner’s friends:

1-  First, find out why do you dislike or hate them. Is it because they said something offensive or hurtful? Think about the reason rationally in a calm state. This will help you to solve the problem.

2-  Maybe the first impression was not good of that person. But that doesn’t mean you should not give them a second chance. This may help you to find something common and interesting between you two on which you guys can share a parallel viewpoint.

3-  Be honest with your partner with your thoughts about his friends. As how much ever you try hard to be good with them, he will notice it. So, just tell him the truth about what you feel.

4-  It’s normal to not have the same viewpoints about all people. You may have some negative feelings about someone. So, it’s better to set boundaries and maintain some space. For special occasions, like birthday parties or wedding anniversaries, you have to face his friends. But you don’t need to attend every casual hangout if you don’t like them. And this way will also help your partner to maintain a good relationship with them.   

5-  Never give ultimatums to your partner for choosing between you and his friends. This can make him lose all his friends. So, you need to maintain a balance between these things.

6-  Don’t try to create any dramatic situations with your partner's friends. You have to be polite and diplomatic with them; at least for the sake of your spouse.

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