Hold on to your loved ones: It's officially 'Break Up Season'

We have not just made it up, it’s scientifically proven.
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It is officially break-up season and if you are past December 11th, then it is possible that you have probably broken up. A journalist named David McCandless found spikes in the breakup rate after pulling off data from Facebook statuses. Two of the biggest ones are right before Valentine's Day, and in the weeks leading up to the holidays in December. See? We told you we had proof!


Well, this is probably because these are the days that lead up to big events. The girl either expects to get a big proposal or if its Christmas - you are probably meeting his/her parents. In such situations, people tend to freak out which often leads to a breakup. (well, that explains a lot. Doesn’t it?)


So, if you have already been through a breakup or are in a rocky phase with your ‘bae’, we have some tips on how to survive the rest of breakup season.

Don’t overthink it

I understand that it is the breakup season and you’ve just learned about it. This doesn’t mean even you have to breakup. Don’t overthink and sabotage the relationship. Thinking about breaking up can actually lead to one.


Use that extra time

Since it’s Christmas, most of us are probably free from our work. Take that extra day off to spend quality time with your loved one. This will help you mend the relationship and keep you away from the breakup season.


If you are stressed about the relationship, talk it out

You should feel excited about spending time with your partner. But if you are dreading it, the best thing to do is talk about it. This will help you get over the problems you are facing.


Make couple resolutions

If you are thinking that your rocky relationship is just a ‘phase’, it probably is. You and your partner can make a list of things to do. Even if the task is as small as baking a cupcake. This will get you two talking and over the problems that you are facing.

Let’s hope you are not breaking up this season. But even if you are, don’t forget that it’s the party season and singles have the most fun.

Let us know in the comments section below if you agree with this theory of ‘Breakup Season’.

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Could have used some other pictures, PV.

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