Home Alone to Elf: Best Christmas movies that will bring back major nostalgia this holiday season

One of the best memory which all of us can relate to is binge-watching on classic Christmas movies
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Its that time of the year again. We are twenty days past in December (a month which is a favourite amongst everyone!) Its the holiday season, a time when everyone is only smiling, lights are beautifully shining and everyone is in the spirit of joy. What makes December exceptionally charming and musical is Christmas. Each one of us definitely has some feeling related to this surreal festival. One of the best memory which all of us can relate to is binge-watching on classic Christmas movies and we’ve listed down movies which will bring back happy nostalgia.


Home Alone



Your childhood is a legit lie if you haven't binged watched Home Alone during Christmas. A pure classic and one wherein all of us literally feel each of Kevin’s emotions. This 1990 classic shows how an eight-year-old kid shows his smartness and saves his house from getting robbed by the burglars.


Polar Express



One film that makes us believe in Santa Claus. The movie shows how kids are super eager about Santa and have faith in the spirit of Christmas. The highlight of the movie is when Santa actually arrives as the feeling is exceptionally surreal even for the ones watching the movie.


Love Actually



A favourite film when it comes to Christmas. The movie is beautifully flawed but it rightfully kicks in the spirit of Christmas. Love Actually revolves around 4 love stories set in the holiday season background. It is silly but it is one that will make your hearts sheepishly happy.


The Santa Clause



The Santa Clause is a movie which will tickle all your funny bones. The movie released in 1994 and features TV legend Tim Allen who takes us on a hilarious ride in this festive fantasy film. In the film, he plays the role of a father who accidentally becomes Santa.





Elf is that one movie which definitely gets you in the Christmas mood. This 2003 super hit film is a favourite amongst the viewers as the plot line is something that always leaves you in splits. Will Ferrel is raised as a chaotic elf who finally meets his father.


We are sure that Christmas will bring back all the sweet memories with these movie. Which movie is your favourite? Comment below and let us know.

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