Horoscope 2019: Here’s how love is going to shine for the zodiac signs

With 2019 starting within a few hours, let’s take a look what how love is going to fare for the zodiac signs
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It's the last day of 2018 and apart from all the fancy resolutions that one makes, they are also equally driven to make their year better. While career, ambition, success is definitely on one’s mind, love is something that no one can do without. Well, with 2019 just hours away from us, listed below is the love prediction for 2019.  





2019 for the Aries is going to be quite a fruitful year in terms of your relationships. The ones who are already in one will put in efforts to make their bonds stronger. For all those who are single, this is a great year for you to go out and find love, provided you want it.





Taurians can take a breath of relief as your family will approve of your relationship. Also, this is a year of realizations and there are high chances of your romance blooming.





2019 is extremely generous and favourable for you’ll. If you’ll are planning to take your relationship to another level then this is the year to do so.





For all the couples who are in a long distance relationship this is the time to make use of social media fully to cement your relationship. The ones who are trying to make broken relationships work, this is also a golden period for you guys. Singles will have a dry spell as they’ll not be that serious about love.





Leos are going to find the love of their lives this year. Your sex and love life will both be on a major high and you should make the most of it. Leos who are in a relationship will have to guard their relationship.





If you want to fix things with your partner, this is the best time to do so. Your efforts will pay off and you’ll find yourself in a stable and happy relationship with your partner.





If Librans want to fix their broken relationships, this is a golden period for them. However, this year isn’t going to be exceptionally great when it comes to love but with effort, you can turn the tables.





Scorpions need to give more time to their partners. It is suggested that you stay away from unwanted arguments and discussions. There are high chances of you getting distracted which can cause issues in your relationship.





A favourable year for Sagittarius. Singles may get into new relationships and couples can take their relationship to another level and can also get hitched.





For all the Capricorns, you need to be a little alert this year. You and your partner needs to communicate to solve all the misconceptions. On a good note, intimacy between you and your partner will increase which’ll make it difficult for you’ll to stay apart.





Quite an adventurous year for the Aquarians. For all the couples, this year calls for a lot of trips together, which’ll strengthen your bond. For all the singles, you’ll be showered with love and some of them might turn into casual love affairs too.





Pisces need to keep their relationships together in order for them to work. June in particular is going to be an extremely favourable month. Also, you’ll will travelling together a lot which’ll help get you closer.


Well, apart from these predictions, what is important is to keep your love together and put in efforts to make it work. Happy New Year!

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