Horoscope for the week: January 28 to February 3, 2019

Make this week about no distractions. Read your horoscope to know how to prepare for the week that lies ahead.
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Make this week about no distractions. Put yourself and your pleasure first. At the same time, beware of emotional and anger outbursts. Maintain your boundaries when it comes to situations when you know you might lose your temper. This week, proceed with excessive caution. 


This week is all about balance. Follow your instincts while maintaining a low profile. There might be conflicts at the work front, so try to keep your temper in check. Once you pass this phase at work,  you will reap benefits and be acknowledged for your hard work. 


Have a good routine to live your best life this week. You might be hit by the wanderlust bug, or want to switch up date night. Do what it takes to live and support the best version of your life. 


Don't give up on your goals for the week too easily, as you are going to kill it soon! While working hard also be prepared for some uncomfortable truths that will help you edge out of your comfort zone and move more towards growth. 


It is time for those business ideas to come into full swing. Partnership deals will come to the forefront so make sure you have supportive people around you. This week, you will also manage to get all that love you have been craving for, so accept it with open arms. 


It is time to be there for yourself and actively practice self-care. Get rid of the cog in the wheel and break free from the rut. It is all about seeking inner peace, this week. 


Get set for weeks to come as new romances might blossom. It is time to pay attention to others; listen to their perspective, and be open to new possibilities. 


If you want something from your relationship, this is time to claim it. Demand it all unapologetically. It is time to give yourself all that attention you deserve, Libra!


Learn to identify your feelings to become the best version of yourself. Create a routine and learn to follow it to improve your overall lifestyle. 


This week, be compassionate towards others. But don't forget to be gentle to yourself as well. This week bring to you an abundance of wealth, solving almost every problem you were dealing with.


This week, socialise as much as you can! This week, you are extra sensitive so don't take negativity and bad comments to heart. Come next week, everything will fall into place. Personally and professionally. 


Since it is your birthday month, go easy on yourself. Pay attention to both verbal and non-verbal cues around you and it will help spark an interest and make new connections. 


This week is all about connecting and making new connections. You will soon come across those who share the same values and ideas as you, don't let them go!

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