Feeling lonely in a relationship? 5 tips that will make it better

A relationship is about two people sharing the same love for each other. However, in some cases, one person feels lonely in their relationship and does not get what he/she expects in return.
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Loneliness is the worst feeling especially when you know you’re with someone else. You crave for connection but your partner shows no interest. There are many reasons as to why a person can feel lonely in a relationship. Work and lack of time could be one of the reasons.


Emotional & Physical Ignorance

Some people feel that their needs aren’t met. They feel ignored by their partner. You may notice that your partner doesn’t care for you. Your physical needs aren’t being completed and you’re not emotionally attached to your partner. This may make you feel lonely.

Loneliness in a Relationship

Closed Communication

Lack of honest and open communication can make you feel lonely. You need to tell your partner about your feelings and opinions. Talking to your partner more, helps the two of you to come closer and share a strong bond.

Past Experiences

Maybe your loneliness is not because of your partner. You may have been in abusive or toxic relationships which tell you to be cautious all the time. You take time to open up and be real with your partner. This means you’re protecting yourself and that makes you lonely.


Be real – Make sure you’re always yourself with your partner. Be real and tell him/her about how you feel. Talk to them if you feel unsatisfied with something. If you don’t express your feelings, it’ll be difficult for your partner to understand your problem. Have open and consistent conversations.

Talk to your partner

Keep yourself busy – Keeping yourself busy is the best way to avoid being lonely. Indulge yourself in any kind of work and you won’t have the time to think about your worries. Keep your mind occupied with better things.

Explore – Go out and meet new people. Don’t sulk yourself at home and destroy your health. Talking to new people, catching up with friends and family can help in overcoming loneliness.

Meet new people

Prioritize – If you feel the relationship is doing no good to you, get out of it. Your only priority is you. If the root of the problem is not you, walk away. This will make you happier and healthier.

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