How couples should be behaving during a fight

Here are 5 tips to keep in mind while having a major fight or argument with your partner.
Love & Relationships,relationship,couples,fightHow couples should behave during a fight
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Fights are an inevitable part of any relationship. Contrary to idealistic beliefs, some spats are healthy for a relationship because they help you to understand your partner better. However, there are times when an argument can go out of hand and become a threat to the relationship. So, it is important to keep such situations under control and ensure that a fight or an argument does not turn into a full-blown battle. Here are tips you can keep in mind for the next time.

Take a moment to THINK

When you are in midst of a heated argument or fight with your significant other, very often you tend to forget their importance. Take a moment and remind yourself about all those tough time you've overcome together. During a nasty spat, just distract yourself by rewinding your memory to all those good times. This will help you to calm down as you realise that your relationship is more important than any trivial argument.

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Leave the room

When you feel like the fight is getting a little out of hand, leave the room before you end up saying something extremely hurtful which may leave a scar on your partner’s heart for a long while. You don’t want things to get messy when all you need to do to prevent such a situation is exit the room or space.

Accept your mistake

Firstly, get rid of the assumption that you are always right. We are all human beings, thus everyone of us ends up making mistakes. Learn to accept your mistakes. Overreacting during such situations and going overboard with the argument is not going to benefit you or your partner in any way.

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Learn to listen

When you are in an argument with someone, you tend to ignore what the other person has to say. You try to establish your point in order to release the aggression and frustration from our body and mind, but while doing so, we forget that the other person is also in the same situation and he or she may also want to say something.

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Leave the past behind

This is by far one of the worst thing you can do while fighting with your partner. Bringing in the past into the current argument is a major no-no. You might hurt yourself and your partner by digging up the past which was left to be forgotten. Stick to the present and try to resolve the issue.

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