How to date in the era of home quarantine?

Home quarantine can be a difficult period especially for people who are looking to date. Find out how you can do it right!
How to date in the era of home quarantine? How to date in the era of home quarantine?
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The Pandemic has upended all of our lives in so many ways and dating is definitely one of them. But all is not in vain because love really needn’t be locked down! Here are a few things to keep in mind if you’re looking for love in the era of home quarantine. 

Courting Is Back In

Thanks to Covid-19, the modern dating process has definitely slowed down. People are spending more time talking and getting to know each other. Courting is back in, rather than simply swiping right and moving on to the next profile. By matching people based on compatibility and personality, we should look for platforms that helps provide meaningful matches so this actually helps the conversation flow. When you’re set up with someone who compliments your personality, there are lower chances of forced, awkward conversations and higher chances of a meaningful connection.

It’s Okay To Be More Selective

The pandemic has put a lot of things into perspective for us and shown us that relationships are emotional anchors. People are being more intentional and selective when it comes to who they want to connect with. Meaningful relationships are definitely even more of a preference than casual relationships. This shift is definitely a positive approach as understanding and intention is much clearer from the start of a connection. 

Making It More Meaningful

First dates can be nerve-wrecking enough but having to do them on video, coupled with Covid anxiety can be super overwhelming to say the least. How do you keep the conversation going and get past the awkwardness without having to ask and answer the same old questions like do you enjoy your work and what do you do for fun? We've all been there and done that and it can get tiresome pretty fast. So how do you set the base for a deeper conversation on a date via video? Well, it’s important to be attentive and share more vulnerably. This holds true for any normal date as well, but when you’re separated by 2 screens it’s even more important to listen well and also be forthcoming when it comes to sharing about yourself. A great tip is to ask open-minded questions, these don’t have a right or wrong answer and can lead to some super interesting, easy conversations. A few good questions to ask on a date to help get to know someone better can be:

- What would be your absolute perfect day?

- What’s something that bugs you?

- If you had all the money in the world, what would you do with it?

- What’s your favourite place on Earth?

- Coffee or tea?

- If you could be any person for a day, who would it be?

Questions like these can also help give you more clarity whether you’re excited about getting to know this person better or not. 

Get More Creative With Your Video Dates

Dating via texts, calls and zoom from the get-go can get stale very quickly. It’s easy to get bored with just chatting on video, especially if you’ve never actually met in person. But there are so many cool ideas you can try together on your next Zoom date for a novel experience and to keep things interesting. Some fun virtual date ideas are:

- Play a game together - it can be a video game or cards or even Heads-up. 

- Attend virtual shows. You can get tickets for a live comedy show or even stream a virtual concert.

- Build a music playlist together and listen to it during the week. When you catch up next time you can discuss what songs you'll liked vs did not like and add/edit/delete.

- Take an online class together, like cocktail mixing or bartending.

- Plan and execute an actual dinner date experience online with a fixed menu from both sides, drinks and dressing up!

- Cook the same recipes together and compare results.

- Binge-watch tv shows together, or even watch a movie. Netflix has an option to watch movies together now. Don’t forget to make popcorn!

- Create a bucket list together of all the fun activities and places you can explore together when things open up. 

Not only will these make video dates more compelling, if things are going well, it will only make that anticipation and excitement build for when you can meet in person. Here’s to not letting home quarantine get in the way of sparks flying. 

By – Priyanka Ghura Kuka and Tanisha Ghura Kanani co-founders of Not So Arranged.

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