How to deal with a loss of a pet explains animal activist Utpal Khot

If you’ve just lost a pet who you loved like a child, here’s animal activist Utpal Khot guiding you on ways you can get grieve and deal with it.
How to deal with a loss of a pet explains animal activist Utpal Khot How to deal with a loss of a pet explains animal activist Utpal Khot
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Being into the animal feeding for so many years and being a pet parent, I have experienced the feeling of losing an animal you love. Read Sumona’s post 2 days ago on Instagram about the loss of her pet dog who was with her for almost 12.5 years. A couple of years back Salman Khan had posted about his pet loss too on Instagram.  I can understand and relate to the post and to all those who openly tell about their loss. Many have asked me, cried to me, expressed their feelings to me and I often counsel them. It becomes very important to me to make the person come out of the state as one tends to get disturbed mentally to a great extent. This may actually cause the person to drift apart from fellow humans permanently.


Often I am asked to speak about dealing about Pet Loss since it’s a very sensitive topic and not many would want to discuss this. I personally feel that the majority of pet parents love their respective pets like their own child. Most are broken down completely however tough they are otherwise personally. So the person who has lost his/her pet should do this:




My most beautiful my love gone today. God bless her soul.

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Vent out the grief to the friends/relatives/well-wishers who are genuinely ears to you.

Speak about your loss. Be crude and express. Express to those who will patiently sit and listen to you. I sometimes meet my friends who have had a pet loss and just sit with him/her for a few hours holding his/her hand. Sometimes the human touch itself acts as medicine. The person losing his/her pet may not speak at all and would want the warmth of you touch, a back rub or just a snug. Ask that if you have lost a pet, give that if you care for your friend who has lost one. It helps tremendously.

Give a decent burial to your Pet

Put up a nice plant where your pet is buried which will eventually grow up into a tree. Visit the place often and speak to the Tree as you would speak to your pet. The plant will respond to seeing your true love for your pet. Water it regularly. Keep the grave area clean decorated with flowers and speak up to your pet as you used to otherwise when he/she was with you. Trust me that works.

Spend maximum time with the friends of your pet 

Since your pet is in habit to meet many street strays when you used to take him/her for a walk, they are the friends. These could also be other pets who are family friends. Continue meeting them, remember to carry loads of treats and food for them so that they smile. Feeding them is feeding your own pet. Remember that your pet is watching over you across the rainbow bridge. It will make him/her happy too.

Cherish all the happy moments you have spent with your pets

All those clicks, toys and other things belonging to your pet should not be locked and packed away in a suitcase. Rather keep them where they are. Post about them regularly on your social media. Accept the fact that he/she has left you in physical form buts exists in your heart and house when you need him/her to be with you. Do the above three things regularly. You will feel better.

After a while, adopt a stray

If you still crave for your pet after 6 months or 1 year, go ahead and adopt a street baby who needs a house. Remember your Pet would have always wanted you to get one of his street friend home. So if you want the paw prints to be seen again in your house, this is the best way to do it. 

If you have a friend who still does not come out of his/her pet loss, connect them to an animal lover or a social activist like me. We definitely can give some hours, counselling them and helping them come out of their grief. After all, it is all about being the real Human.

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Anonymous 7 months ago

It’s been six months, and yet if somebody asks me about that day, my voice will crack. By “that day,” I mean the day I came home from work to find my Doberman, Red, splayed out on my bedroom floor, his head to one side, his body lifeless but still warm. It’s an image I can’t seem to shake, as much as I try. Thanks for sharing this very useful tips ....thsi one gonna help me a lot

Anonymous 7 months ago

It’s natural to feel devastated by feelings of grief and sadness when a beloved dog, cat, or other pet dies. But these tips of your can really help many people to cope up.

Anonymous 7 months ago

Losing a pet can be just as heartbreaking as losing a human friend or family member. The companionship and loyalty of your pet is special and unmatched, so it’s understandable to experience difficulty coping with your loss. This tips of yours are really gonna help a lot of people.

Anonymous 7 months ago

The bonds we forge with our pets are powerful. Their love for us is unfaltering, and they have a way of making us feel better even on our worst days — which makes the loss of a pet that much more difficult. Thanks for sharing .... really very helpfull one

Anonymous 7 months ago

Great post sir ...indeed very informative

Anonymous 7 months ago

Thanks Utpal for the tips. Even I got a pet , so certainly very informative..

Anonymous 7 months ago

So well written Utpal! Its a fear all pet families live with. Sooner or later each one had to face this. Thanks for these very practical tips