How to not crack under pressure and deal with STRESS

It is not easy for everybody to thrive under pressure. But turn that negative feeling into positive, and you will lead a more relaxed and stress-free life
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At times, the pressure at work or college can get too much to handle. From presentations and debates to client meetings and pitches, it becomes a little difficult to take a breather from time to time. At crucial times like these, you tend to feel like the world depends on your shoulders - you have too much to juggle with and you are drowning. While most of us tend to go home and whine, complain and probably even have mental breakdowns and crack under it, there are many who brave it. Thrive on pressure and come out successful. 

How do they do it, you ask? They channel all that pressure into motivation and positivity and thrive under it. But the fact is that every one of us has that capability to work under pressure rather than choke under it. We just don't know how to! But we have some tips to help you!

Plan ahead

Being prepared for things to go bad is not the worst thing. But at the same time, maybe you could have a few run-throughs before performing. Practice a couple of times in front of the mirror, work hard and you will get out alive. Or maybe more than alive - well!

Persevere and stay committed 

If things don't work out according to plan, be sure to know that you tried your best. You know that you have given this thing that was so important to you, all you had, and that is more important than anything else. Next time, you will be motivated to work harder. 

Change your perspective

Yes, the outcome of the project matters. But also know that it is the journey that gives you more learning experiences. It is easy to get disheartened by a person or situation, but keep your head above the water as there are other things that are more important. Your next presentation or debate or client pitch is sure to be better because now you know what not to do!

Become open to challenges

Another form of changing your perspective, be more open to accept new challenges. Stop seeing problems as problems and start thinking of them as challenges that you need to cross. Once you cross them, you will expand your horizon to greater opportunities. Explore outside your comfort zone and it will transform you. You will be able to push your limits and build your tolerance. 

Be encouraged

Surround yourself with those who are always pushing you upwards to perform better. Company matters more than you know. If you are surrounded by negative people, difficult situations are harder to brave through as they fill your head with negative thoughts. Positive people will encourage you and will also change your perspective!

And before you start to loose your cool or panic, don't forget to breathe!

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