How to rebuild trust? 5 ways to mend a broken relationship

Relationships flourish when partners trust each other and open to resolving conflict. Here’s how you can rebuild trust in your relationship.
How to rebuild trust? 5 ways to mend a broken relationship
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A relationship is built slowly, steadily by taking one step at a time, trying to understand each other, making adjustments, and all of that is possible if you trust someone with all your heart. But what if they break your trust? Do you forgive them? Do you leave them? Or should you try to rebuild trust in your relationship? Whether it’s your partner, family or a friend, rebuilding trust in a relationship is not an easy task. Trust is a crucial block on which a relationship is built, but is it really possible to build trust once broken? It is if you’re willing to forgive and move on. 

However, restoring trust is only possible when your partner owns up to their mistake. If they realise their mistake, then that shows that they are aware of the damage they've done and willing to change themselves. If you’re still contemplating whether you can trust your partner or not, chances are you will never be able to trust them again. If that’s the case, it is better to go your separate ways. But in case, you are willing to give your partner a second chance then these things might help you in this difficult journey. 

Here’s how you can rebuild trust in your relationship if you want to give your partner a second chance. 

1- Try considering the reason behind the lie. Yes, there could be a selfish reason behind it, but your partner might have a different motive. Were they trying to protect you? Help a family member? In no way does it justify their wrong doing but sometimes, miscommunication and misunderstanding are the problems that lead to such issues. 

2- No matter what the problem is, communication is the only way to mend the issues. One of the biggest aspects of rebuilding trust after a betrayal is talking to your partner about the situation. Give them a chance to explain why they did what they did. Notice the sincerity in their behaviour and decide afterwards if this relationship is worth saving. 

3- Forgiveness is key if you wish to repair the relationship. It will be difficult, but that is your best chance for your relationship to recover from the damage. But forgiving isn’t about saying that it is alright what they did. It is your effort to come to terms with what happened and leave it all in the past. 

4- Once you’ve thought this through and come to terms with what happened, avoid dwelling in the past. Don’t bring it up every chance you get, but don’t allow your partner to make a fool of you either. When you decide to give the relationship a second chance, you are giving trust a chance to regrow, and bringing the past in between will only make things worse. 

5- Be aware of your innermost feeling and share your thoughts. Not talking to your partner who broke the trust is not going to solve any problems. It is essential to openly discuss the details and express all feelings of anger and hurt so that you can set them aside. 

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