How to strengthen emotional intimacy with your partner?

Emotional intimacy is not only healthy for a relationship, but it also boosts your confidence. You and your partner, both can try to improve this intimacy in certain steps.
How to strengthen emotional intimacy with your partner?
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Relationships need all types of intimacy to become stronger. This includes emotional intimacy as well. If partners don’t have a strong emotional intimacy in their bond, then they may face problems later. This kind of intimacy lets you connect with your special one. It makes you two more vulnerable to each other.

So, couples should always try to improve their emotional intimacy in the relationship. According to psychologists, this is also good for individual well-being. So, can you do that with your partner? Try these easy steps for greater emotional intimacy.

Steps to build deeper emotional intimacy in a relationship:

1-  When you two are spending personal time with each other, then devote to that moment completely. Things may not work out if you continue to scroll your phones while you are on a date. You have to keep your phones aside and talk to each other.

2-  Try to understand your partner’s perspective on things. Why is he thinking like that? It is better to know the reason rather than trying to prove yourself right. It helps you to understand your partner in different ways. He will also feel validated to make you understand his point of view.

3-  Surprise your partner by agreeing on something which you usually don’t. You can also do this by making something they truly like. For example, you can cook his favourite meal or watch his favourite show even if you don’t like it that much. Sometimes, generosity boosts your emotional intimacy a lot.

4-  Make a list of nice things about your partner. It’s very easy to point out the flaws in a person. But now try to point out nice things about your person and jot them down. This will make you feel happy and your partner as well.

5-  According to experts, when you are happy and healthy, then you can connect to your partner intensely. So, have a check on your health and well-being. Invest time to take of yourself.

6-  Lastly, avoid aggression. If you want to prove a point, then do it with more logic. Don’t be aggressive to say your words.

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