This is how you are going to DIE according to your Zodiac sign

In today’s listicle we have twisted the article a bit as we’ll discuss the different ways how the zodiac signs will die
Love & Relationships,zodiac signs,horoscope 2019,deathThis is how you are going to DIE according to your Zodiac sign
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The story about life and death is one which intrigues many, in spite of knowing that everyone has to board and sail in the same ship. Death can scare us, intimidate us but there is absolutely no escaping from it. As natural as it can be, the end of life can come in ways which no one was expecting in the most sudden manner. While many shy away from talking about it, there are some who are always excited to know how their life will come to an end. 


Zodiac signs as we all know are houses which puts together people who are born in the same month. They more often than not share the same characteristics and traits which sets them apart from the other sun signs. Their body language, tastes, interests, passions and even dislikes to an extent are more or less on the same ground. In today’s listicle we have twisted the article a bit as we’ll discuss the different ways how the zodiac signs will die.  


Aries : Having your head cut off while enacting the ‘Van Surfing’ scene from ‘The Wolf’



You are reckless, extremely stubborn and you spend most of your time convincing the rest that you can do all the things they think you cannot. Hence, after a few drinks we can see an Aries losing their head for one final time. 


Taurus: Dead in a stampede during a Black Friday sale, trying to save money



Taurus is all about the materialistic and luxurious pleasures. Hence, needless to say they’d obviously be spotted shopping during a Black Friday slash sale. What is interesting is that although they like all things fancy, they also like saving a lot of money which ultimately leads them to their end. 


Gemini: After being stabbed in the back after stabbing a knife in their friend’s back



Geminis are the twin sign wherein they often call out things which they themselves are seen doing. For example, Geminis hate being judgemental but they themselves are into it heavily. Hence, it is pretty clear that they will be die because of something of their own doing. 


Cancer: Inhaling all the toxic fumes from the art paints



Cancerians love all things that deals with art. They love visiting museums and imbibing the whole feel. Cancerians will mostly die with inhaling all the toxic fumes that comes out from the art paints. Tragic clearly. 


Leo: Hit by a bus after being ignored by a friend



Leos are extremely self-centered. They love attention and they completely trip over it. One of the ways they can die will be after being ignored by someone really close and personal. They go into a tangent of their own and in that self destruction will get hit by a vehicle.   


Virgo: Will die on the fourth day of the week after doing double shifts



Virgos are workaholics who are completely dedicated and passionate towards their work. They take on more than what they can deal with and this can become dangerous. Always serving good and helping out their friends, Virgos will most likely die after doing excessive work. 


Libra: Taking too long to decide what is important for them, money or life



Libras are the indecisive ones as we all know. They will most likely die for thinking for way too long about taking a decision. 


Scorpio: Death by being shot dead in cold blood



Scorpions are known for their adventurous, passionate and obsessive nature. Given that they do have a very dark and mysterious side to themselves, they’ll most likely be shot in cold blood. 


Sagittarius: Anonymous death



Sagittarius is known to be extremely opinionated and this can often lead to something extremely scary and heinous. They are most likely going to get into an argument online which could lead to their mysterious death. 


Capricorn: Poisoned by their own children



Capricorns are family loving and people’s person. They love coming back home after an erratic day at work. However, many a time people close to them can also betray them. In the case of this it’ll be pretty sad as their death will come in the face of their own children. 


Aquarius: Hiking alone in a dense forest



Aquarius enjoy their time alone wandering in the woods. They’ll set out on a hike without any mode of communication and because of an unfortunate incident will meet their end. 


Pisces: Movie theatre fire



Movies and theatre is something which a Piscean absolutely loves and lives by. This one is definitely tragic but atleast they’ll pass away doing something that they absolutely love. 


Could you relate with everything that we wrote above? Do comment below and let us know. 

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