If you think that life’s only being unfair to you then breathe, love; you’re not alone

To all the 20 somethings, it is okay to not know all the answers. Its okay to fall down because you know you’re going to rise even higher
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Adulting is probably the most confusing phase there ever is. It is that middle ground where you know that you’re sinking but you just don’t know with what pace. It is that mirror where you’re done looking beyond the shining reflection and are caught up with the unpolished base. While the canvas looks like a serene picture from the front, the backdrop of it seems like a tattered piece in shades of gray. Are you beating yourself day in and day out? When the rainbows come up and the sun goes down? When everything falls in place and suddenly there’s no ground? When life’s moving fine but there’s yet a frown. It’s then when you need to be your own sanity and scream out loud, that it is OKAY! If you think you are the only one missing the plane, it’s not true. If you think you’re the only one who cannot take hold of relationships, it’s not true and if you think that life’s only being unfair to you; then breathe love, it’s not true.


Do you remember your carefree self? How long ago was it? When was the last time you actually ‘LIVED’? When was the last time you soaked in the sun and smiled at the sky? When was the last time you giggled from your heart? When was the last time you beamed when you were hit with that fresh Earthy smell? We don’t even remember, because we’ve enveloped ourselves with so much of self-doubt that we don’t even believe within, that we deserve all the happiness that is lying right in front of us. We are ‘obsessed’ with the idea of having a ‘picture perfect life’, perfect job, perfect relationships, perfect friendships. We are scared of putting out all our cards on the table with the idea of being judged. We are scared of accepting our insecurities because in our head a ‘strong’ person has none; but who defines strength? Why is the idea of “everybody” more important to us then your own living soul? Why is it that when a long relationship fails, you trick yourself into believing that it can still go on? Why is it that when your really close friend rips you apart, you still hold on because you thought it was true? Why is it that even when you’re unhappy at work you’d still struggle to keep going because you cannot be less in front of your peers? That my friend, is the real problem; the problem of you not willing to let go and the most basic solution to it is acknowledging it to the core.


Listed below are 5 slightly uncomfortable times when life throws us a wrecking ball and in our head we go off balance but in reality, it’s just an off situation.


Let go off that toxic, non-existent relationship

“Everyone walks in your life with a purpose, once that purpose is over, they silently fade away”. Every person in our lives walks in with a purpose, it is either to make us feel alive, make us a better person or teach us a lesson and just when it is done, they walk out and are remembered as a blur memory.

We’re from the lot whose always grown up on fairytales, hence letting go off relationships is like taking a part of you away. Be it a 6 month or 6 years old relationship; if it doesn’t make you happy, if it is just there for the sake of it and if you’re partner is literally non-existent, then take a deep breath and let it go. It’ll pinch and break you at first but it’ll only save you from running into a tsunami of your own making. Losing someone does not end the World. It never has. It only teaches you that nothing is permanent and the only way to save yourself is to understand and follow the process of letting go.



Only you can define what you believe in

Social media has literally raided each of our lives. It’s that one medium where all of us are constantly comparing our lives with that of others. The stalking skills that we boast about somewhere leads to a major self-doubt creating insecurities. You suddenly start comparing yourself, your lifestyle, your weight, the way you look with someone you barely even know. All of this, post after post creates a negative impact in your thinking leading to a major “I am not as good as her”.

Why would you want to do that? Why would you want to turn yourself into a person you don’t even recognise or relate to? Rather create a better version of yourself. The one who lives life on his/her own terms. Who is proud of how they are. The minute you start to doubt your ownself be rest assured that sooner or later you’ll succumb to the worldly pressures and take a moment and ask yourelf if that's what you want.


Let go off people who chose others over you

This is the hardest one to accept because usually it doesn’t turn out in our favour and we are stuck without any answers. Many a times in friendships, your best people, the closest ones, ones in whom you put in all your trust, chooses other people over you. The power of forgiveness lies in forgiving once, but when over and over 'your person' chooses everyone else but you, you know that it is time to let go.

While we are realists and we do not expect to be everyone’s priority, but somewhere it’s always nice to have a core. A definite squad. The power of choosing yourself lies with you. Choose YOU



Let go off the ones who do not stand up for you

“How many scars did we justify just because we loved the person holding the knife?” While not taking the sentence literally, but how many times have you been in a spot where you expected this one person to stand up for you infront of everyone and they kept mum? When that voice was the only thing that you were longing to hear but they didn’t speak up. When that was the only support you needed in a room full of people but they were cowards. No, you just don’t need such people in life.

What is the whole point of fake promises in person when in front of the whole World they do not even have the courage to acknowledge you? Would you want to be treated like that? Would they like to be treated like that? If the answer to that is ‘no’ then you pretty have the answer to yourself. It just means that you've surrounded yourselves with a bunch of hollow people who just won’t be there for you when you need them the most and this will hurt like there’s no tomorrow. Let them go. They just don’t deserve you.


Let go off the ones who pull you down in order to correct you

We usually have a bunch of people who we are the most tight with. They tell us about where we are faltering, about our shortcomings and how we can become better individuals. But do you have that one person who just picks on you and criticises you in the name of “trying to help you out”? Do you have that ‘best friend’ who paints the ‘truth’ and pulls you down each time? Well then dear friend, as harsh as it may sound but you’re way better off without this kind of negativity and you should definitely tone down the influence this person has on your life.



We are solely to be blamed for bearing the unnecessary and making life complicated for ourselves. Life is but all sunshine, sometimes the sun gives you all the warmth there is and sometimes it burns you all out. It completely depends on you, the amount of beaming sunshine you need in life and also the right balance. Screw all the bad decisions, you do not have to blame yourself for it. Forgiveness is a gift, but forgiving the same person over and over again for the same mistake is foolishness. This phase that we are caught up in is created by no one but us, so give yourself a tight air hug, pamper yourself to the moon and back and believe that ‘life moves on’ and that you meet and separate from people, but the only constant is you.


The state of happiness or sadness that you’re in, completely depends on how you want it to be. All because there’s a lull period does not mean that a hurricane has struck you and everything's barren. Besides we’ll always have our wingmen and cheerleaders who’ll always have our back. So, live while you can love, and do not let that madness ever fade away.


“You live but once; you might as well be amusing” -Coco Chanel


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