Leo, Taurus, Aquarius, Pisces: THIS is why your crush doesn't text you back in time based on their zodiac sign

Ever get extremely annoyed by people who take ages to text back? Read on to know what they are doing apart from texting you back in time.

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Leo, Taurus, Aquarius, Pisces: THIS is why your crush doesn't text you back in time based on their zodiac sign
Leo, Taurus, Aquarius, Pisces: THIS is why your crush doesn't text you back in time based on their zodiac sign

Before getting into a relationship, the texting and getting to know the other person phase is extremely important. Those times when you go days texting and when days turn into nights while you are getting to know the other person is incomparable! But do you like somebody who takes ages to text you back and probably responds weeks after you thought they have ghosted you? Nothing is more annoying than that! 

Each person belongs to a different zodiac sign and each sign has different priorities. Wondering if somebody is ignoring your messages or just busy doing other things and living life? Read on to know why your crush takes ages to text you back, based on their zodiac sign. 


One thing you absolutely hate, is responsibility, Even something as small as texting back, is a huge responsibility to people from these signs. They can be caught doing absolutely anything from watering their plants to playing with strays, but will not text you back only because they feel like it is a responsibility now. 


Pisceans are dreamers and almost always have their heads in the clouds. Most of their time is spent day dreaming and replying to messages and texts is like a real chore for Pisceans. They are also more likely to spend loads of time over analysing a text rather than actually replying to it. 



Aries usually never take long to reply to texts but only do so when they don't consider you a priority. At times like these, Aries are busy putting themselves above others and don't really see a reason to text you back unless it is super urgent. 


Taureans hate to keep people waiting so almost always text back as soon as they see your text. Unless they are lazy (which they mostly are). Sometimes, something as menial as picking up their phone to respond to a text while they are watching television is a huge task for these lazy people. 


Geminis are inherently indecisive and massive procrastinators. They usually spend time and over-think about whether or not their reply is appropriate for the message they have received. 


Cancerians are known to read way too much into the text they get. This is because they are busy deconstructing and creating vague scenarios in their heads about what they have just received. 



Extremely self-involved, Leos love playing hard to get. They always ensure that they get a text back but just don't reciprocate when they need to. They love to leave people wondering and thinking about them. 


Virgos aren't very big on socialising and have their priorities sorted. They'd rather finish their chores follow their schedule and everything else before they text you back. They will put off a reply for as long as possible. 


They are extremely cautious and always concerned about what people think of them. They don't like being an inconvenience to other people but framing a reply takes just so long that it leaves people waiting anyway!


Extreme introverts, Scorpios prefer to be by themselves doing their own thing rather than socialising. They are also very easily offended so beware what you send to them that could have them spiraling and overthinking everything you have sent before framing a response. 



Lovers of adrenaline, Saggis are always too busy doing something else. They are probably the only ones who are actually truly busy to read and respond to messages and hence take long to reply. 


One of the most organised of the lot, they are very unlikely to take long to respond to texts because they hate to keep things pending. Unless of course they have more important things like work, studying, exercising rather than replying to texts. 

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