Leo, Virgo, Libra: The 'type' of person you are attracted to, but is unhealthy based on your Zodiac Sign

When it comes to attraction, most of us have a "type" of person or people who we are most attracted to. Here's who you should stay away from, based on your zodiac sign.
Love & Relationships,horoscope,zodiac sign,astrologyLeo, Virgo, Libra, Aries: The 'type' of person you are attracted to, but is unhealthy for you based on your Zodiac Sign
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When it comes to attraction, it is not upto us to "decide" who we want to be attracted to or who we like to hang out with. Many of these people might be unhealthy or bad for us, our mental health, etc. Here is your "type" aka the kind of person who you are attracted to, and who is bad for you, based on your zodiac sign. 


You are seemingly attracted to clingy people for some reason. They are extremely affectionate and don't want to spend a minute without you, but you are a few bird and need your own space. Eventually, you lose the excitement when somebody is too interested in you because you like the chase. 


You are so stubborn yourself but for some reason you are attracted to others who are also equally stubborn. Except that this will never work out because you don't like to compromise and need somebody who is more laid back and will agree with you on everything and not give you a hard time. 


You are full of life and energy but you fall for people who are extremely reserved which makes for an extremely weird combination. You don't like the silence and isolation that this person does and you need somebody who is more open, lives in the moment and appreciates everything the way you do. 


You crave intimacy yet you are seemingly attracted to people who are extremely detached. This is an unhealthy relationship to be in because people who are detached will never be able to give you the attention you need. 


You are extremely bold and outgoing but are attracted to shy and docile people which makes for an uncanny and unhealthy combination. You get bored of them easily because you think you "deserve" a bigger personality than this, somebody who is equally excited and bold in life. 


You need to plan every single thing in your life and need extreme clarity on every situation. But somehow, you are attracted to free spirited people, the bohemian type who are all over the place and are constantly "figuring things out". They might end up uprooting you and your plans in the long run which might end up disrupting all your plans and maybe even your life!


You love your peace, quiet and harmony so aggressive people aren't meant to be with you. Yet, you are extremely attracted to the kind of people who are constantly testing you, putting pressure on you and pestering you to do things their way or take the highway. Since you like to take your time, you might end up making hasty decisions that might have a negative effect on you in the long run. 


You are high on energy and can't be bothered with passive people. Somehow, you are most infatuated by them. This will not be good for you because you need somebody who is as confident as you are, somebody equally passionate about you, as you are for them!


You are a social animal and know people from all the walks of life. The last thing you need, is for somebody to be judgemental about your friends and the people you hang out with and love dearly. But somehow, the person you are attracted to, ends up judging all your friends and at times, even your family! This might ruin your relationship and reputation with your friends, so best to keep away from them!


You love your stability and consistency and love to be grounded. But you are incredibly attracted to flaky people who are indecisive, leave you hanging, disrupt your plans or give you reassurance. And you don't need this kind of negativity in your life, Capricorn. 


You are always encouraging and open to people and expect the people around you to be the same as well. Except, the person you are attracted to, is the exact opposite of that. They are that person who thinks that being creative is a "hobby" and being free spirited and open is an extremely bizarre idea. 


Emotions are everything for you. You are sentimental, emotional, compassionate and all the works. But somehow, you are attracted to the type of people who are always emotionally unavailable. They are closed up, don't tell you how they feel and don't appreciate when you tell them your feelings either. They might end up breaking you and you honestly deserve better. 

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