Leo, Virgo, Scorpio: Zodiac signs ranked from the most patient to complete ANGRY souls

Zodiac sings say a lot about your personality including your anger issues. Here are all the 12 Zodiac signs ranked from most patient to complete ANGRY souls
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Earth, water and fire signs all have different personality traits. From love to anger issues, your zodiac signs can reveal it all. While anger can be controlled, it is something that relates to certain traits in your personality. From saints to devils, here are the 12 Zodiac signs ranked from most patient to complete ANGRY souls.



You are patient like a saint. Even if you are boiling inside, you will never show it on your face. You will always keep it peaceful even if it is at the price of your sanity.



You do not like confrontations, so you do your best to avoid them. You probably tolerate things you shouldn’t tolerate. So, when things really start getting to you, you become passive-aggressive and start using snarky comments.  You give people enough rope to hang themselves. It’s less messy that way!



Plenty of things anger you, but you hold it in. you love giving people at least five chances before you lose your cool. And even if you still get angry, you will regain your patience in a few minutes. You are the kind that hides in the bedroom than expressing your frustration at someone.



You are so patient but yet so threatening, it’s confusing why people seek to get you angry in the first place. You try not to get angry until you actually run out of excuses. When you finally express your anger, it’s through cutting insults than breaking a vase or glass table.



Just like a bull, you will stay put until you explode like a wild animal. The main reason you finally get angry because people always fail to meet your expectations. And, after a fit of long traumatic anger, you usually take a while to get back on track.



Well, your twin personalities don't make it easy for you when it comes down to anger. Yes, you have massive mood swings. While one is patient like a saint the other twin is wild as a Dinosaur.



It takes a little time for you to lose your patience, but when you do, everyone within striking distance of you needs to duck and cover. And you don’t hold onto your anger because what’s the point? It just makes you tired and who would want that?



You do not usually get angry, but when you do, you are just like a Volcano that erupts.  When you get angry, you get EXTREMELY angry. And it doesn’t last long because even volcanoes spend most of their time quietly resting…until the next eruption!



Before you go all out with your anger, you will typically spend a brief period sulking and brooding and crying and writing bitter diary entries. You’d rather deal with your frustrations by some sort of indulgences, such as alcohol, smoking and sex. That is how they take their edge off.



Being a water sign, you are a carrier of water and if somebody pisses you off, you will pour over them almost immediately. You do not like keeping unresolved issues, so you express your anger immediately.


11: ARIES:

You are full of life so you do not want to waste your time on a nagging idiot who wants to suck the life out of you. You start arguments AND end them, even if the other side has no interest in arguing. You’re probably even pissed off at the fact that we called you an angry person.


12: LEO:

Just like a lion, you are angry all the time even before things actually start boiling. In fact, you are angry all the time and no one including you know why.


What rank are you on? Let us know in the comments section below.


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