Cancer, Leo, Libra: THESE are the zodiac signs which crave for attention

Some people need affection and attention from their partners daily. They cannot do without attention and get upset when they don't get what they deserve. Read below to find out if your zodiac sign is one of them.
Cancer, Leo, Libra: THESE are the zodiac signs which crave for attentionCancer, Leo, Libra: THESE are the zodiac signs which crave for attention
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Humans are funny, they crave things almost every time. Some people crave for sweets, some people crave for something spicy and some crave for something frizzy. But when we speak about relationships, some people crave for attention and want it for any cost. They demand attention and expect their demand to be fulfilled. If they don't find you affectionate, they eliminate you out of their life. For them compliments, warmth and care matters the most in a relationship. These people will trip on their face to get a hug. 

This sign of constant craving for attention is also related to your personality. What is related to the personality, gets related to the zodiac signs. In astrology, zodiac signs who crave affection can't live a day without being kissed, cuddled and held. Read below to find out which zodiac signs love attention and can do anything for it.




It's very important for you that people love you on your terms. You don't forget people easily and you throw people out of your life if they do something wrong to you. So when you crave for attention, you make sure that your lover is not the kind of person who will make mistakes around you. 




Leos almost crave for attention and affection. Leos are a bully and snobs and have a grand image of themselves in front of others. People aren't that affectionate towards Leos because they rarely admit to being wrong. They crave a ton of affection and don't understand when it doesn't flow their way. 




Love means everything to Pisces. They want it so much that they accept anyone into their life. They are needy and clingy and want to be cuddled badly daily. They are too open and vulnerable and that's how their craving for affection goes down the drain. 




Taureans want to be touched, loved, adored, and made feel special. You prefer action over words, and you live for affection. Taureans love public displays of affection and settle for nothing less.




You don't crave attention since you know who you are. But you appreciate people who admire your body and personality. You expect people to see how good looking you are and compliment you often.

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