Libra Lovers Guide: All you need to know before Valentines Day

Old souls of the zodiac sign, Librans are suckers for the finer things in life. From old school romances to candle light date nights, here is everything you need to know about them.
Love & Relationships,libra lovers guide,libra horoscope,libra valentines dayLibra Lovers Guide: All you need to know before Valentines Day
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One of the most social beings of the zodiac sign, Libra is loving and knows how to prioritise the needs of others over theirs. They have a natural knowledge of what is right and wrong and are perfectly balanced just like the scales of their sign. They are also the perfect example of those who represent both the head and the heart as they give equal importance to both logic and emotions. Librans also put all of their focus on one-on-one relationships and are known to be harmonious, graceful and elegant. 


What is love for Libra

For Librans, love is all about beauty. For people who belong to this sign, love is all about harmony and mating of balanced minds which leads to happy and pleasurable moments for both the parties involved. They appreciate harmony and symmetry, but since they are indecisive, they may not be able to understand or go deep in love. They might also take their own sweet time in deciding on their perfect partner as they expect them to be completely balanced at everything, just the way they are. They are never short of a fan following since they are charming, attractive and witty. For Librans, love includes being pampered, so don't forget to spoil them with candles, roses, hearts, etc. 




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Libra love personality

Like their symbol, Librans are all about balance. They like to take the world into consideration while making decisions and are supremely objective about it since they look at both sides equally. They are inherent leaders but keep away from imposing their views and opinions on others since they believe in objectivity. Librans are the perfect mix of sensitive and realistic, which is what makes them headstrong both in and out of relationships. 


When a Libran is in love

Librans make for loving, committed and charming partners. Although they do take time to say yes because they tend to weigh things in equal measure, they rarely back out. They are also extremely supportive of all their partners decisions. They also believe in keeping up their public image which may be quite problematic for their partners at times. 


Libra love compatibility

Librans are supposed to be the most compatible with Gemini, Sagittarius, Leo and Aquarius. 




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Do's while dating a Libra

Keep complimenting them - they love to be flattered.

Put them in the centre of your life and social circles.

Try to mingle with their friends. 

Strike up conversations with them.

Appreciate the finer things in life.


Don'ts while dating a Libra

Don't get jealous easily - they are social creatures.

Don't judge them.

Accuse them of lying or cheating.


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