A Looking Glass on Modern Love: Expert approved ways on how to overcome common dating problems

When people fall in love, they open their hearts to each other and make room for their partner in their life. As evident from our own experiences, dating in the time of ‘on the go’ lives could be difficult but when you work towards finding that balance, it is worth the time.
A Looking Glass on Modern Love: Expert approved ways on how to overcome common dating problems A Looking Glass on Modern Love: Expert approved ways on how to overcome common dating problems
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One must never forget that no matter how hard and difficult it gets to maintain the relationship, these challenges are not always deal-breakers. Not all love stories are the same and nor does each relationship have the same mechanisms. However, I can help provide suggestions to the most recurring problems that dating millennials face in their relationships to help you navigate dating in today’s time. 

Clear communication (or the lack of it)
The most vital part of any relationship is the presence of clear communication. Almost all issues have ‘miscommunication’ as their root cause, but is it really that hard to rectify? A clear expression of emotions and feelings to your significant other not only makes it easier to date a person, it also enhances your emotional bond. One learns to be more compassionate and caring not just with their partner, but to the world. Often couples find themselves in a can of worms, making assumptions or using the silent treatment. Simply put, none of these are helpful at any stage of dating. Setting boundaries for when you have a fight is crucial to do at the very start of dating someone. People often feel hesitant in getting into a relationship because they know these are recurring problems with couples around them and often, this is a result of not starting your relationship off communicating the things that matter to you. Put your values, beliefs and interests at the heart and make sure these channels of communication are open at the very beginning. Its okay for these problems and hesitations to exist, one must be mature enough to work on them and become better together. It's the small things such as clear and honest communication from the start that are the building pillars of a strong relationship.

Compromise? What's that! 
We are in the era of empowering ourselves and those around us as we are striving towards being independent, financially, mentally and socially. The dating millennials of today are equipped to take on as many tasks and responsibilities as they desire and absolutely power through them, but does that make it harder to date? Love is different to all, everyone shares different sets of values and making compromises should not be one. Rightly so. I think it’s pertinent to self-assess if the relationship you get into is worth your time and effort. Again, love means different things to different people who are also different - embracing these differences is the beauty of being in love without having to lose your individuality. 

Dating through a screen? 
Given the current scenario, a lot of couples are forced to date from afar despite living in the same city. This has led to a lot of millennials longing to be around their partner and craving for physical proximity and it is absolutely understandable. But one must always remember that dating is more than just physical connection, it is about enjoying each other’s company both on and off-screen. While meeting physically is seen as a challenge, couples can defeat this by carving out adequate time for each other amidst their busy schedule, interact and engage in conversations daily and spend quality time in doing shared activities they both enjoy like binge-watching Netflix, cooking, reading together or even planning virtual date nights to keep the sparks ignited. 

Authentication granted
In a world where the means of meeting new people is constantly evolving, it's important to adapt to it comfortably. It's the time of virtual and online dating, one uses dating apps with advanced algorithms to find potential matches like you who are also looking for love. There are times, people meet interesting matches who share their vibe quirks and beliefs. But before getting into a relationship with a person, they are often skeptical or sometimes have slight apprehensions pertaining to the genuinity of the person on the other end and these fears are relevant. In the fast-paced world that we live in, it's absolutely alright to take things slow in a relationship. Take this time to know your potential match better allowing you to know each other’s preferences, taste and hobbies so that there are no surprises later. It's vital to feel safe in an intimate relationship and safety comes from recognition, familiarity and time. 

About the author: By Dr. Rachna Singh Khanna, Resident Relationship Expert at OkCupid

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