Love Matters: My partner gets aggressive and it’s hard to deal with his anger; What should I do?

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Ways to deal with an aggressive partner
Love Matters: My partner gets aggressive and it’s hard to deal with his anger; What should I do?

My partner gets aggressive frequently and it’s hard to deal with his anger. What should I do?

If you have an aggressive partner, it’s a good idea to move out of the relationship because aggression often leads to violence. But if that’s not something you want to, for now, you might consider walking away from the situation. Don’t confront your partner while he is aggressive and give him time to cool down. If you know the reason, you might consider talking to him once he cools down. If you don’t, try finding it out. However, don’t try to calm him down at the very moment, this may trigger him further. Once his anger washes away you may sit and explain to him how aggressive he gets at times. If the behaviour continues, and he doesn’t listen, you should give your relationship a second thought.

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How can I help him in keeping work pressure at bay?

If work pressure is something that triggers your partner aggression, talk it out. However, whatever the case may be, you shouldn’t be at the receiving end for somebody’s else’s mistake or doing. As far as work pressure is concerned, ask him to tackle it mindfully. He should avoid bringing any work-related stress home and should differentiate between personal and professional boundaries. Meditation and yoga can help him keep his cool and increase concentration. Apart from that, he might consider taking a short break from work and utilising the time for relaxation and unwinding. This break will help him get back to work with greater productivity and more focus.

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Inputs by: Pulkit Sharma, clinical psychologist

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