Love using dating sites? This is how digital relationships are like; Read on

Virtual relationships can never be the same as real relationships. They suck your life off, of real-world pleasures. They can never replace actual relationships. Check out why.
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We live in a global village, all thanks to technology and the internet. These things have changed relationships and human interaction. A large number of people use dating sites and apps to find their ‘the one’. But sometimes the relationship they build over these apps ends up being nothing more than a virtual relationship. But mind you, a virtual relationship is not limited to dating. A virtual relationship is a relationship a person shares with another over software in a virtual world. It’s a relationship where the people involved have never actually met each other in real life. A virtual relationship can be anything ranging from a professional relationship to friendship on a gaming platform.

Dating apps are how the maximum number of virtual relationships come into existence. There are apps like Happn and Bumble that are largely promoted by celebs and influencers alike. People meet on popular dating apps like Tinder and get talking but sometimes it just doesn’t go beyond that. Moreover, how can you have a relationship with someone you have never seen or met? For all, you know they may not be the person they claim to be. After all, we are familiar with cyber crimes like identity theft. Such relationships may not always turn out to be meaningful because they lack a certain level of trust and there’s the fear of cyber fraud. 

A digital relationship also disconnects you from your real life and makes you less confident about yourself. It’s easier to pretend to be someone you’re not on these apps. A virtual relationship will keep you so engaged on your phone or laptop that overtime you focus more on the virtual world than the real world. You stop valuing actual human beings sitting in front of you and give much more importance to a virtual person on a dating app. A relationship like that cannot bring anyone any good.


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