Loves you? Loves you not? Here are 10 unconventional signs that will help you decode his TRUE feelings

Maybe he doesn't send you those lengthy love letters you always wanted, but if he does any of the below gestures, you know your man truly loves you!

Updated on Nov 27, 2018 05:08 PM IST  |  2.1M
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The two of you have been dating for a while now. Do you find yourself wondering if he feels the same way about you, as you do about him? Plucking off the petals of a poor rose is definitely not going to give you the right answer. Let the flower live! 
Even though there is no definitive guide to know whether he loves you or not, there are some obvious tell-tale signs that give his feelings away. Love is a tricky thing. He might feel it, but might not have said it yet. Or he might have told you he loves you, but if you are still second guessing his words, here are some easy ways to know if he actually feels that way about you!
You have met all his closest friends
He loves to show you off to the world. He will not hesitate in introducing you to his friends and even acquaintances because he is proud of you and loves being with you. You may not have his friends on speed dial, but if invited, you would not feel awkward while hanging out with his group as he tries to make you part of everything!
He listens and remembers
When you talk, he listens. Many times, you might have mentioned something very briefly, but he makes an effort to remember it. He will bring it up later leaving you surprised and wondering when you even spoke about it without holding any grudges!
He makes an effort to get to know people important to you
If he loves you, he will take efforts to get to know more about your friends and family. Their names, their importance in your life and what you love and hate about them. He will even go out of his way to get their approval because he knows that their opinion matters to you. And if he goes the extra mile to get approval from your pet, then you just know that he's the one because getting their approval is not an easy task!
He doesn't shy away from discussing issues important to you
He understands that you are human and can have bad days. He also doesn't shy away from talking about or discussing "women issues" like periods, pregnancy, etc. Instead, he might even go the extra mile and help stock up pads for when aunt flo arrives. 
He keeps in touch with you
Whether it is calling you regularly or texting you when he's taking a break from work, he finds ways to show you that you are always on his mind. He might randomly send you an article he thinks you would like to read. And it is just adorable when he sees something that reminds him of you - be it an inside joke reference, a puppy on the street or just the sunset, and he snaps a picture of it to show you!
He makes you his top priority
Everybody has commitments. But when a man really loves you, he will make sure you are his top priority and maybe even go the extra length by moving things around in his schedule to make time. If he really doesn't have time, he will make sure to reschedule and let you know when he does. 
Celebrates your highs and consoles you during your lows 
Whether it is an appraisal or just a "good job" message from your boss, he will be by your side popping that champagne bottle to celebrate your smallest victories. And when you're having a bad day, he will still be by your side with a carton of ice cream or chocolates and do everything it takes to make you feel better. Definitely an aww-worthy trait, we think! 
He makes you laugh
He loves the sound of your laugh and will do anything to see you at your happiest. He will crack lame jokes that bring a smile to your face, or tickle you from time-to-time, even if it means him getting injured by you in the process! 
He surprises you
Ever come home to your favourite flowers or chocolates? Or something you were longing for, at your doorstep? It's just another way for your man to show you that he truly loves you!
Sends you memes
One of the most "millennial" ways of showing love is by sending memes since they are relatable and the easiest way to make you laugh.It also shows that the content reminded him of you and highlights his sense of humour - an extremely important quality for every man to have,we think! 
Have we missed out on any gestures your man does for you, that shows you he loves you? Let us know in the comments section below.
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