Miss your long-distance BFF? THESE are the things you'll most relate to 

Does your BFF stay in another city and you often wish you could meet them daily? If yes, then you will definitely relate to these things about you and your BFF's special relationship.
Miss your long-distance BFF? THESE are the things you'll most relate to Miss your long-distance BFF? THESE are the things you'll most relate to 
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Bought a new phone, broke up with your partner, have a crush on someone, or had a fight with a colleague at work- these are the things that you share with your Bestie. Your BFF is the first one to know about every milestone that you achieve in life. Be it heartbreak or a new relationship, not a single thing is hidden from your BFF. Your BFF may judge you like others, but will also be there for your unconditionally, when you need someone to listen, and a shoulder to cry on. 


I am sure by this time you are already missing your BFF. And if you are someone whose BFF lives in a different city, then you might be missing them more. With enough said, here a few things that you'll relate to if your BFF is living or has shifted to another city recently. 



You're constantly retelling the people in your life about your antics. You always love to share the weird stories of you and your BFF. Those incidents not only make others laugh, but they also make you realise how special your BFF is. 



You are your BFF have each other's ugliest pictures. And you love sharing those pictures with the world on each other's birthday. And the best part is that you don't get embarrassed in fact, you send them your ugliest selfies for future use. 




Sometimes being in different cities and getting involved in your work can cause a communication gap between you and your BFF. But despite all of that, you still know the ins and outs of each other's lives.



At times, some things demotivate you, and you need someone who can make you feel better at your worst. And that's where your BFF comes in to play. You and your BFF often send each other long pep talk.




Spotted a cute guy in a club or had a fallout with your boyfriend in a drunken state? You immediately call your BFF her, and if they are unavailable for some reason, you make sure to leave them a sloppy drunk voicemail when you can't reach them.



You talk to each other once in a while and chat with each other almost 24*7, but the feeling of meeting each other in person is surreal. There's no greater feeling than seeing your bestie in person.



There's one thing that never changes is your love and respect for each other. And that's because you know that you don't need to talk every day to know that you're still there for each other.


BRB! Calling my BFF right way while you call yours too. 

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