Missing your ex? Here are 3 ways of getting your ex back through texting

Missing your ex-boyfriend, too afraid to confront them in person? Well, we’ve got your back. Check out these 3 golden rules of getting your ex back through texting.
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Texting is one of the best ways if you are afraid and shy to meet him in person. If you do it in the correct way, chances of getting him/her are more. If you call your ex, he will probably think you want something and it will be awkward too. Texting will make it slow but successful at the same time. When you text your ex, the curiosity builds up and you can have a smooth conversation without being shy.

Texting Your Ex

Here are 3 ways in which you can get your ex back through texting:

Start it Right                             

Remember you haven’t communicated in a long time, so keep it short and simple. Don’t overboard your ex with loads of messages. Initiate the conversation with decent questions and don’t jump on the main topic directly. Build a conversation till you are comfortable enough to ask him the most important question.

Don’t Spam

It is hard to wait and keep your excitement low but wait for your ex to reply. Give him the time to think. It would be weird for him too to receive a message from you after a long period of time. Therefore, let your ex collect his/her thoughts. Do not spam with messages. You may not get the best replies. This will reduce your chances if you annoy your ex like this.

Spamming with texts

Don’t Express Too Much

If your ex sees that you are overemotional and in distraught because of the break up, he/she will value you less. Show that you are happy. Don’t be too obvious that you are trying to get your ex back. Posting heartbreak quotes on social media will only ruin your chances. Play it safe and always have a smile.

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