15 Thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts to surprise your mother and brighten up her day

The only person who showers never-ending love regardless of the number of times you have disappointed her will only be your mother. Surprise her with these Mother’s Day gifts on coming May 8th.

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15 Thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts to surprise your mother and brighten up her day
15 Thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts to surprise your mother and brighten up her day
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Mother’s Day 2022 is celebrated on May 8th worldwide. It's a special day to honour all efforts and sacrifices of mothers. It ain’t an easy job to take care and love one from birth regardless of their behaviour in return and mothers do it so effortlessly. They definitely are the closest to God! We have heard a lot of people say that every day is mother’s day, and we need not celebrate it just a day in a year. But how true is that? Do we tell our mom I love you every single day? Do we thank her for every single thing she does for us wholeheartedly with no complaints? Do we ask her what she wants for lunch, what’s her favourite dish or have these preferences changed over time daily? Of course not and the truth is that it is quite difficult to celebrate her every day, especially with our hectic lifestyle of ours wherein we even forget to drink water for survival until our throat dies out. Moreover, anything done on a daily basis loses its value and recognition which is why we need to make the most out of this one day for our mothers!

History of Mother’s Day in the US

Mother’s Day is not celebrated just to give a day off to mothers, get their gifts and honour motherhood. It was born as a women’s movement. The creation of a national Mother’s Day is primarily attributed to three women: Ann Reeves Jarvis, Julia Ward Howe, and Ann’s daughter, Anna M. Jarvis. The former was an activist who worked towards improving the unsanitary living conditions of women and teaching young mothers how to safely care for their children. Julia Ward Howe volunteered during the Civil War helping them to provide hygienic environments for hospitals and many other places. Their contributions were of huge help to everyone. After her mother, Ann Reeves Jarvis, died in 1905, Miss Anna Jarvis memorialised her mother’s lifelong activism with a memorial service and came up with the idea to set aside a day to honour every mother, whether living or deceased.

Here are 15 Mother’s Day gifts for your sweet mom:

Choosing the perfect gift for mom is never easy. What can contain all the love and affection we have for our mothers? Moreover, will she like it? From snazzy handbags, cute dresses to skincare sets, explore a wide range of gifts to surprise your mother with us. If these questions have bothered you, browse through this article to find the perfect Mother’s Day gifts that speak the language of love in unique and thoughtful ways just like your mom.

1. Preserved Rose & Necklace Set 

Women in general love flowers and jewellery! Of course, men do love these too but women enjoy them more. This beautiful gift is an elegant and useful option that features a preserved rose in a glass box that can be stored for 3-5 years and a pretty rose-gold necklace with a heart-shaped pendant that reads ‘Mom’. It can also be a great gift for your grandmother who loves to store everything you give her in her special box of gifts.


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2. Candle Holder Statue

Most moms love decorating their homes. If your mother is someone who finds pleasure in adding a touch of beauty to everything she touches and keen eye for aesthetics, she will absolutely admire this mom and daughter candle holder stature. It's a useful showpiece item that boldly speaks of love and connection. This beautiful candle holder comes with an LED candle that flickers just like a real candle and produces a soft relaxing flameless glow. 


Price: $31.70

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3. Massage Gun

Though they work all day and night even without a Sunday off at home, mothers don't complain or tell us about their pain and drudgeries. Back pain, leg ache and so many health-related issues come with age and one definitely can’t see their mom go age or go through that pain. This massage gun can help her to relax her muscles and feel at ease. It brings a high-power massage experience in a low-noise working state and your mom will definitely love it!


Price: $37.99

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4. Soft Blanket

Something to hold on to your memory when you fly off the nest! This soft blanket with double-side print reads precious love notes for your mom and it is just the perfect gift for a sound sleep. It can also be draped on an ottoman, couch or chair for that personal touch.


Price: $29.99

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5. Tumbler Gift set

With a lavender candle and wine tumbler and a pocket mirror, this set makes for the perfect relaxing present for mom. The tumbler with the ‘Best Mom Ever’ print features a double insulated design that can keep your drinks warm for three hours and cold for nine hours. Even filled with ice or boiling water, the bottle will never sweat or get hot to the touch. Indeed a useful gift!


Price: $33.99

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6. Sculpted Hand-Painted Memory Box

If you have already made something very special for her and are looking for a unique box to gift them all on Mother’s Day, this is it! This hand-painted mother and daughter 3D carved box will be the perfect way to gift jewellery, hand-written notes, chocolates or anything customised for your mom. We are sure she will save this box forever and remember you fondly whenever she uses it.


Price: $32.95

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7. Fossil Crystal-Accented Quartz Watch

Watches make for a classic gift and this stunning number is the winning choice to make your mom happy. Its luxe design and crystal-accented glam look give it a premium feel that she can wear to any occasion and proudly say, “My child got me this!” The matte and shiny stainless steel of this watch is the epitome of chic. The H-link bracelet design and crystal details bring a touch of vintage dress sensibility.


Price: $66.47

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8. Neck Massager Electric

This shoulder massager comes with 4 big nodes and 4 small nodes and 3D rotation kneading massage rollers in ergonomic U-design. It works miracles all over your body from head to toe! This is exactly what you should gift your mom for Mother’s Day to let her enjoy a full body and stimulating massage in the comfort of her living room!


Price: $39.99

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9. Wireless Earbuds

Who doesn’t listen to music all the time! While cooking, working, jogging or even sleeping, music can soothe one’s soul and reduce stress. It fades out unnecessary thoughts and fears from one’s mind and teleports them to a happy place. This Mother’s Day gift will be a very useful and thoughtful set that your mom can make good use of! Its ultra-lightweight body ensures a fatigue-free listening experience no matter how long one uses it and the built-in noise-cancelling microphone guarantees high-quality call performance.


Price: $37.99

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10. The Ordinary Skincare Set

Investing in the right skincare products is always a win! Gift her this four-piece daily skincare routine set from Ordinary to help her solve all her skin-related issues. Probably she has been taking a back seat to her skin’s health due to lack of time but makes sure your mother loves herself just as much as she loves everyone at the home. 


Price: $37.00

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11. Engraved Musical Box

A musical treat! This wooden music box is a magical treat and also features a beautiful heart-melting note for your mom. Keep cranking the small music box, it will play nice music for you. This will indeed be a beautiful gift that will always remind you to her always. 


Price: $13.99

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12. Wheel Circle Necklace

A pretty wheel circle necklace is also a beautiful and thoughtful gift. A circle implies that you always end where you started in life and mother is that one point. The cubic zirconia necklace arrives in a beautiful gift box that is convenient for gift-giving and protects it from damage, with a soft cloth for jewellery cleaning and care.


Price: $59.99

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13. Draizee Spa Bath

This stunning bath gift set includes 4 amazing rose scented bathing essentials and a rose-shaped bath puff. The bath essentials are a shower gel, a bubble bath, body butter and body lotion. It’ll be an extremely beneficial Mother’s Day gift which your mom can use for a relaxing and soothing day at home.


Price: $24.99

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14. Cardigan Cover up with Leggings 

If she loves to add more clothes to her wardrobe, this chic fit will be a winning choice to gift her! The baroque print leggings and coverup are a stylish, statement-making fashionable look that will instantly add oomph to one’s personality too. It can be teamed up with sneakers or heels, a black tee and cool shades for a quirky look.


Price: $24.99

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15. Scented candles

Made from 100 percent natural soy wax and floral scents, these beautifully scented candles can be used for insomnia, yoga, stress relief and bath. They amp up the interior decor of your home and also send out pristine and happy vibes with their fragrance that fills the room. Scented candles are a great gifting option for women in your life who you consider equal to your mother.


Price: $24.88

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Apart from the regular gifts, these lovely Mother's Day gifts will surely make an impression that lasts. Also note, though no one can replace your mother you can gift them to anyone who you consider as your mother- be it your teacher, mother-in-law or grandmother who helped you grow more into yourselves and never turned their back on you.

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Why do we celebrate Mother’s Day?
The origins of Mother's Day and commemorating motherhood is a concept that dates back to the Ancient Greeks. It officially arose in the 1900s as a result of the efforts of Anna Jarvis, daughter of Ann Reeves Jarvis.

How to celebrate Mother’s Day?
There is no rule book to celebrate the day. Making your mom feel special is the whole essence of Mother’s Day. From festive meals, fun family activities and gifts galore or family outings to mom’s favourite place are a few fun ways to celebrate the day.

What’s the perfect Mother’s Day gift?
Well, there can’t be one perfect gift for Mother’s Day. While love, care, attention and time are the most precious gift you can give to anyone. Personalised and sentimental gifts that capture what's in your heart can make for the perfect gift for your mom

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