Multani Mitti: Benefits, tips and all you need to know about the magical ingredient for skin, face and health

Embrace the natural ingredient in its rawest form. Learn everything you need to know about multani mitti.
Multani Mitti: Benefits, tips and all you need to know about the magical ingredient for skin, face and health
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One of the most natural ingredients available in the market, is multani mitti or "fuller earth". It is the go-to ingredient for most Indians, to help them get rid of skin issues, blemishes, spots, etc. It is an ingredient which has been passed on through generations and is also a wonderful exfoliant which helps in nourishing the skin. It helps get rid of all the oil, dirt, sweat and impurities from the skin to make it more clean, supple and smooth over time. 

Here are all the benefits and functions of the natural ingredient:


It is gentle on the skin but still helps in efficiently declogging the skin, removing dead skin cells and prevents acne from forming.

Brightens skin tone

It enables your skin to absorb lotions, serums, etc, better and boots the efficiency of your skin. It helps in ensuring your skin radiate, glow and turn light. 

Stops acne

Oil is one substance which causes zits, acne, etc. Excess production of oil on the face not only clogs pores but also ensures that the dirt and impurities remain attached to the skin. Multani mitti absorbs the oil and controls the production of it on the skin, therefore getting rid of acne and stopping the production of pimples. 

Clears skin

Acne scars are extremely difficult to get rid of. Multani mitti has lightening properties which help get rid of dark spots and blemishes while evening out the skin tone. 

Removes tan

This natural ingredient also helps in getting rid of sun tan and eases out sun burns by cooling the skin. 

Removes blackheads

When used as a scrub, its purifying properties help in cleansing off and purifying the face from blackheads and whiteheads both! 

Improves blood circulation

When it is used as a scrub on the skin, the multani mitti stimulates the skin and improves circulation all over the body. 


Which of these is going to convince you to use multani mitti? Comment below and let us know. 

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