Online dating: 5 Rules you NEED to know

Online dating is a hell of an adventure and here are the five rules that you need to know.
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Frustrated with all the ghosting, meaningless conversations and more, which leaves you wondering why you swiped right? Navigating through the dense and mysterious terrains of online dating can be a little complex, and you may find yourself getting lost in midst of all that nuances at times. You need to be super prepared and armed before you step into online dating. Here are 5 important  rules to follow.



Honesty is the real key

PLEASE refrain from posting pictures of yours from a decade ago! If you’re looking for something serious, be honest. Post current photographs, don't lie about your age, occupation or interests. Basically just don't lie! The world has too many people pleasers. We understand that when you finally meet someone online, its super tempting to be extra pleasing with the hope that your affections will be reciprocated.



Leave your baggage behind

Your profile should be positive and shouldn't display bits and pieces of your ex drama. Do not mention anything about your past experiences on your profile. This is an instant turn off. It shows that you’re not ready to move and from your past relationship and will drag the emotional baggage to the next one too.



Do not start a conversation with an emoji

This not only gives an impression that your vocabulary is that of a 4 year old’s it also shows that you are downright lazy. Remember that the first impression you make needs to be strong, thus, you need to do a little better that digitally enhanced fruits or veggies.Start out the conversation with a sentence or two, including a question the other person can answer. The point is to stir up a conversation and not to just mark your presence.



Play it with caution

While on dating websites, it is pretty usual to get more than one match. Multi- tasking is fun, but make sure that it doesn't get messy when you start dating several people at once. Not only you will find yourself repeating stories, but you might forget what you've said to who!



Do not social media stalk in excess

It is important to engage in some mild amount of pre-date social media stalking. Or you’ll find yourself in an emotional havoc after hours of deep diving into someone’s  social media profiles. You might come upon their distant families and even a couple of their old flames! Do not fall down this rabbit hole! Get to know the person in FRONT of you and not a fantasy version you have gleaned from social media platforms.

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