Parenting: THIS is parenting mistake can have a negative impact on your child

It's not uncommon for parents to punish their child or put their foot down every now and then but doing this can take a toll on your child and reflect badly on you as a parent. This is why it's very important to use the right methods to school your kid.

Updated on Apr 07, 2020 10:26 AM IST  |  2.1M
Parenting: THIS is parenting mistake can have a negative impact on your child
Parenting: THIS is parenting mistake can have a negative impact on your child
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As a parent we always want our kids to become good human beings and do things the right way. We do everything in our power to teach our kids to be good. We all want our kids to listen to us and follow us without causing trouble but sometimes just talking things out and explaining things does not work for kids and that's when parents make the mistake of punishing or scolding their kid to get the right outcome. While this may give you immediate results, in the long run, it doesn't really work well. A research done by Yale Parenting Center claims that punishments may make a parent feel better but it does not help the kid and it is important that we make parenting about the child instead of the parent.

Most parents believe in conditioning their kids and making them understand that their good behaviour will be rewarded and bad behaviour will be punished. But this can have a negative impact on your child and may do more harm than good. You may be using a gentle punishment but this does not really work. As a parent, it is important to understand where you're going wrong and learn to communicate with your kid in the right manner instead of turning to punishments.


Punishments may help your kid understand bad behaviour but it can also do a lot of damage and have a negative impact on your child and their mental health. It can damage your relationship and bonding with your child and make your kid resent you in the long run. This may make your child a lot less cooperative because of their feelings towards you.


Physical punishments can make your child hostile and aggressive and it can also impact their social interaction. It is also very important to avoid using harsh verbal ways to discipline your kids because it can make them fear you which might increase the risk of misbehaviour, lying, stealing and fighting. Your child may start to hide things from you in order to avoid punishment.


It may also impact their emotional intelligence and make it difficult to develop skills like empathy and social awareness. They may begin to lie and be dishonest in order to avoid getting in trouble and they may not be able to learn to differentiate between good and bad or right and wrong. 


It is your responsibility to learn how to effectively communicate with your kid and use positive ways to teach your kid the right behaviour without punishing them. 

How to raise kids without punishing them

Learn the right way to use your words and also be careful with the words you use around your kids.


It is important to teach your kids how to differentiate between right and wrong without dominating or punishing them.


It is very important to use logic and reasoning and explain things to your child without using anger or harsh words.


For example, if you want your kid to clean up the mess he or she created, don't be angry. Instead, try to tell them that their behaviour is disappointing you or try to make the situation light or add humour to it so as to not make them feel guilty or bad.


Tell them that they cannot stretch their legs and sit or lay on the floor if their toys stay there or that someone might trip on their toys and fall and their toys may break in the process.


Avoid ordering them to clean up or using threats when they try to resist. Remember that you have to teach your kid model behaviour. You don't have to control your kid. 



Teaching your kid the difference between acceptable and unacceptable behaviour with logic may be tough but not doing that might end up taking a toll on your kid and your relationship with them. Moreover, it is very important to understand that kids learn a lot from their parents and they will grow up to do what you do. You need to be a role model for your kid because they will do what they see you doing. 


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2 years ago
And after you've explained nicely for 5 minutes and they still reuse to follow basic instructions, would it be good parenting to say, oh well, I tried, do whatever you want? This article is garvage. As if parents aren't trying everything.