Parenting Tips: THESE are the 5 things you should avoid saying to your kids in public

Sometimes what we say can affect our child a lot. Hence, it is important to think twice before speaking to your kids. Read below to find out things you should avoid saying to your kids in public
Parenting Tips: THESE are the 5 things you should avoid saying to your kids in public Parenting Tips: THESE are the 5 things you should avoid saying to your kids in public
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One of the most difficult jobs in the world is parenting. Parenting is difficult and tricky at the same time. Parents need to be careful with what they say and what they do in front of their child. Since children are like a lump of clay and can be moulded the way you want them to be. So parents must think about the well being of their child. There are certain things that parents should keep in mind while speaking to their children. 


There are a few things that a child may not want to hear from the parent's end. And parents should keep that in mind and refrain from telling insensitive things to their kids at least in public since that can affect their psychology and confidence. If you've just become a parent or are having trouble dealing with your child, then read below to find out some things that you should avoid saying to your kids in public. 


Leave me alone:


At times, in public, our kids can tend to be a bit more annoying, and as parents, it's our responsibility to handle the situation instead of giving up on the kid. Since kids are incapable of understanding the gravity of such situations. An impatient outburst of ‘Leave me alone!’ can make your child feel neglected, unwanted and depressed at the same time. Hence, it's important to keep cool and handle things with patience in public. 


You are like your father/mother:


In some cases, not all couples living together are happy with each other. They have their share of arguments, and sometimes things get out of control in public. In such situations, it's the child that has to witness this hatred and criticism. So next time before taking out your partner's frustration on your child, think twice because you may just lose his/ her respect for you. 


You need to look better:


Every child is different, and parents need to accept that. Some kids are lean, while others are healthy. Some have fair skin, while others have a whitish complexion. And you should be proud of your kid the way he/she is. Avoid saying things like- "If you were thin this outfit would've looked good on you", or "this colour doesn't suit your skin colour", this will only make the child under confident and nothing else. 


You should be embarrassed by yourself:


This statement is mean, harsh and rude. Some mischievous kids go about annoying people with a devil-may-care attitude, but that does not mean you criticise them like this. There are better and milder ways to make the child understand the difference between good and bad. 


It's better to be childless:


This happens when you are upset with the way your child has behaved, but you still need to think rationally before passing such statements. Since, it is the most hurtful thing you can ever say to your child. No matter what the crisis is, saying something like this could make you regret life.


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