Pining for your ex? Here’s why it’s so easy to get back with your ex

Getting back with your ex is an easy way out of the heartache. But is it just that? These are the reasons why getting back with your ex seems tempting.
Pining for your ex? Here’s why it’s so easy to get back with your ex
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Old habits are hard to break especially if it’s a bad habit. Your ex may be a bad person or it could simply be a bad break up or timing or situation. But that doesn’t stop you from pining over your ex or feeling the pain of a heartbreak. Moving on can be tough but moving back is much easier. Getting back with your ex may come naturally to even if it’s toxic or unhealthy. Sometimes it’s impossible to understand what pushes us to walk into the arms of our exes so easily. It’s a cakewalk for most exes to win back their partner with a flick of their wrist but why does this actually happen? This is why it's so easy to jump right back to your ex.

1. Your ex is a good backup plan. If things don’t work out the way you hope for it you can simply take a few steps back into your past and win back your ex who is still pining for you.

2. The fear of being alone and single is stronger than the need to stay away from your ex. Sometimes it’s much easier to commit to your ex than staying single. 

3. It’s impossible to reject your ex if you still have feelings for them. Moving on doesn’t come easily to everyone and if your ex comes crawling back there’s no need to move on and put up with the heartache. Unresolved feelings are more than enough.

4. In the time you were broken up your ex has grown hot and you just cannot resist a good challenge. The chase is too tempting to resist.

5. Getting your ex back is a great ego boost for people with ego issues.

6. The fear of change and starting all over again can make people take stupid decisions.

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