Pisces to Aquarius: Major relationship deal breakers based on each Zodiac sign

Finding difficulty in figuring out what’s going wrong in your relationship? Read on to know about the deal breakers in a relationship for each zodiac sign, which you never noticed before.
Love & Relationships,relationship,zodiac,dealbreakersPisces to Aquarius: Major relationship deal breakers based on each Zodiac sign
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Most of us have this mental prospective checklist about the kind of person we would like to date, the qualities we most desire in a potential partner which are the deal breakers. At the very same time, we do have a list of deal breakers, qualities that would disqualify someone as a dating prospect, regardless of how many other super amazing traits they have. Every relationship has deal breakers from irresponsibility to disloyalty. Find out the top relationship deal breaker according to each zodiac sign.

Pisces - Insensitivity

Pisceans are super emotional and sensitive and they can't help it. Being with a partner who is inconsiderate or doesn’t care about their feelings is a good enough reason for them to just drop everything and walk away. They cannot be with someone who is selfish and emotionally unavailable. The souls under this zodiac sign needs someone who is giving and big hearted.

Aries - Clinginess

Aries clearly cannot stand to be in a relationship with a clingy or needy partner because they are extremely independent and like to have a life outside of the relationship. A partner who restricts an Aries in terms of freedom and space is a major deal breaker for the fire sign. They will not tolerate being with someone who suffocates them even if they are madly in love.

Taurus - Disrespect

Taureans are full of self-respect and pride. They have set high standards in life and about their potential partners. So, anyone who disrespects them will be kicked out of their life. No matter how much important the person is, they will never look back at anyone the same way if they ever disrespected them.

Gemini - Lack of communication

Lack of communication is a deal breaker in every relationship. But if you are one of them who expects your feelings to be intuited by your partner, Gemini will see that as a huge red flag. Potential partners to a Gemini needs to show and communicate their feelings just like how a Gemini does. They can never stay with someone who sticks to solitude, when they have a gazillion thoughts to share each day.

Cancer - Privacy

Cancer cannot be with a partner, who is private, reserved and holds things in. Being an emotional and intuitive sign, they want to be able to talk to their partner and help them out if they’re going through a tough time and most importantly, Cancer hates it when you keep secrets from them. They cannot stay happy in a relationship when there is no emotional connection.

Leo - Being Critical

Leo expects to be the sun, the moon and stars to their partner. They will want their partner to feel like they are world is better because of the Leo in it. So, their partners need to make this as evident as possible to the fire sign. if it's not, they will move on to someone who understands them for the god-given gift to humanity that they feel they are.

Virgo - Unambitious mindset

Virgo is all about being perfect and the best, they are undoubtedly driven by their career and success. A Virgo automatically desires a partner who is on the same page and gets their goals and dreams but also has their own. Having a passive or unambitious partner will always make them feel like something major is lacking in the connection and with their daily conversations because that’s mainly what they like to talk about.

Libra -  Negativity

Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and love. They are positive souls who always think that tomorrow is a better day. That’s why they can’t stand a negative partner or someone who is dramatic. Librans like to be surrounded by good vibes and good energy and being with someone who drains them emotionally is out of the question for them.

Scorpio - Lying

Even a small white lie to a Scorpio will represent to them the greatest transgression. They will accept every single flaw of their partner but not lying. They appreciate honesty and transparency and they will never forgive their partner if they lied to them. This is so hypocritical of this sign; however, since they love to "lie by omission", leaving out information on purpose, until they believe you are trustworthy.

Sagittarius - Laziness

Sagittarians cannot be a with a lazy partner who doesn’t know how to be responsible or someone who doesn’t know what they want. They are always on the go and are looking for the next extreme adventure or next spot they want to visit, if their partner doesn’t keep up with them, they will probably still do all these things without him or her. So, if you are a lazy soul, better you stay away from Sagittarians!

Capricorn - Irresponsibility

They cannot be with someone who is unpredictable and does not know what they want in life. As Capricorns move ahead with a clear vision as to what they want in life, after a point of always taking care and responsibilities, they will shut off from their partner once and for all.

Aquarius - Practicality

Being a dreamy sign, how can Aquarians share their eccentric ideas and dreams when they have a realistic partner? These unconventional and rebellious souls can’t be with someone pragmatic or someone who doesn’t push their creative streak. They need someone with whom they can dream together.


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